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Environment and Natural Resources
You have two options for earning a bachelor's degree in the CFAES School of Environment and Natural Resources. You can start your degree in Wooster or in Columbus.

Environment & Natural Resources

Ohio State ATI’s Associate of Science degree in Environment and Natural Resources prepares students to find solutions to today’s critical issues of air pollution, water quality, soil erosion, and waste management. Students pursue one of two specializations within the major:

  • Environmental Science specialization (see link at the right for the curriculum / course sequence)
  • Natural Resources Management specialization (see link at the right for the curriculum / course sequence)

The degree allows students to complete 50% of the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in the School of Environment and Natural Resources:

• Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability
• Environmental Policy and Decision Making
• Environmental Science
• Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife
• Natural Resource Management

Career Prospects

Graduates find work with fish and game agencies, education facilities, private consulting firms, or with state or federal forestry agencies or in tourism, environment education, or recreation. Recent graduates are currently working as:

• Environment scientists
• Ecosystem managers and researchers
• Environment educators
• Foresters, park rangers and administrators
• Resource management specialists

Our students also prepare for admission to graduate or professional programs such as environment law, veterinary medicine, science education, as well as public policy and administration.


Ohio State ATI laboratories are equipped to sample and analyze water, soil, fertilizers, and other environment substances. Instruments used include pH meters, specific ion electrodes, soluble salt bridges, incubators, centrifuges, gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatographs, spectrophotometers, electrophoresis equipment (agarose and acrylamide), polymerase chain reaction thermocycler, UV/Vis gel box, immunoblotters, flame atomic absorption units.

The Ohio State ATI 1,700-acre farm laboratory provides an external laboratories to study the effect of fertilizers, manures, pesticides, biosolids, and other natural and synthetic materials on water, soils, and crops.