Emergency Fund



If you, or a student you know, are experiencing an unplanned financial emergency, the ATI Student Emergency Aid Fund may be an option.


If you are experiencing an emergency related to COVID-19 (such as job loss, internship loss) please click the button below and fill out the PDF application located under "How to apply for a Together As Buckeyes emergency grant".  Instructions for submitting the form are located there as well.

COVID-19 Relief



  • Students must be an undergraduate, enrolled at Ohio State ATI
  • Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum 2.0 GPA.  Extenuating circumstances may be evaluated
  • Students may make use of this fund one time per academic year
  • Documentation of need may be required
  • Students will be required to attend one academic coaching session and one financial counseling session



  • Fill out the application via the link at the bottom of this page, and include any documentation associated to your current emergency (such as a car repair bill).  If you are unsure what type of documentation is appropriate, please contact LeMasters.27@osu.edu or Morris.878@osu.edu for guidance.  Documentation pertaining to medical procedures or issues should not be uploaded to this site.  Please contact us for guidance if your emergency is medical in nature.
  • Once the application has been evaluated, the student will receive notification through their OSU email account notifying them of the outcome of their application.  If approved, the email will include details about the amount awarded and awarding process.
  • Students may be contacted via their phone number or email for follow up questions or comments regarding their application.
  • Funds will not be issued directly to students under any circumstances.  We will work with third-party participants if needed on a case-by-case basis.



Information submitted may be shared with university offices that have a need to know for purposes of reviewing and processing this request, and/or to comply with university policy or law


Student Emergency Aid Fund Application



If you would like to support the Ohio State ATI Student Emergency Aid Fund:

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If you have questions, please contact LeMasters.27@osu.edu or Morris.878@osu.edu