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Peer Notetakers

Thank you! We appreciate you volunteering to provide a copy of your notes to an ODS-registered student. Your assistance helps the university provide equitable access to education for all students. You will receive a certificate for your volunteer hours.

Please complete the steps below to begin your role as a peer notetaker for ODS. 

Complete and submit the online Peer Notetaker Form.

Your responsibilities

  1. Take legible, good-quality notes.
    For tips on effective note-taking strategies, visit the Dennis Learning Center’s Active Note-Taking Strategies page.
    Consider how you’ll be providing notes, and how to make the exchange as smooth as possible. For example, it can be difficult to scan notes from a 3-ring binder. Loose-leaf paper is easier to scan, while typed notes require no scanning at all. ODS will provide you with loose-leaf paper, upon request.
  2. Deliver notes in a timely manner.
    Typically, notes should be delivered by the following class period, unless you and the student mutually agree to another timeline. All notes relevant to an upcoming exam should be delivered with enough time for the registered student to use the notes for studying.
  3. Attend class regularly and keep in communication.
    If there are any changes in the note-taking arrangement (you drop the class, the services are not needed anymore, etc.), or if you have any questions/concerns about your role, please let us know as soon as possible.
  4. Maintain confidentiality.
    It is okay to tell people that you are a notetaker for ODS, but do NOT reveal any identifying information (name, disability, etc.) about the student(s) receiving notes.

We will email you a volunteer certificate 2-4 weeks after the semester ends.