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Request My Accommodations

You must be registered with Disability Services in order to request accommodations.

Login to AIM to generate your Course Accessibility Letters. You and your instructors will receive your letters via OSU email.

Consult with your instructors about how your accommodations will be implemented. Considerations may include where you will take your exams (at our office or in the class setting) or discuss your Attendance and Deadline Modification form. It is important to remember that during this discussion you do not need to disclose your disability diagnosis.  

Keep in touch. Communicate with your instructors throughout the semester. If you have any questions or run into any issues in this process, contact Ruth Montz at   

Review the ODS Student Handbook and be sure to follow applicable procedures for your accommodations.  

Shared Responsibilities Summary

You (student) are responsible for: 

  • communicating with your instructors and our office throughout the semester
  • requesting accommodations in a timely manner
  • following accommodation procedures and expectations (as outlined in the ODS Student Handbook and ODS website)

Instructors are responsible for: 

  • communicating with students and our office throughout the semester
  • implementing accommodations in a timely manner

We (ODS) are responsible for: 

  1. approving/training ODS registered students for using accommodations
  2. providing services and accommodations in a timely manner
  3. consulting with students and instructors on how to best implement accommodations
  4. maintaining student confidentiality