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Changing to or taking classes offered by another OSU Campus

Campus Change Students: Each Ohio State campus has its own separate Disability Services office. Students registered in AIM do not need to complete a new application or Welcome Meeting when they change to a new OSU campus. Continuity in disability services for students changing campuses will be facilitated by contacting the disability services office at your new campus.  

Students changing to...

Columbus campus can click here to learn more about registration at Columbus Campus
Regional campuses. Click here to learn more about registration at regional campuses.

Friendly reminder in order to ensure that you meet campus change requirements
All CFAES Wooster Campus/Ohio State ATI students requesting a campus change must contact ATI’s Transition Coordinator, Cate Hunko at
For scheduling appointments, all CFAES Wooster Campus/Ohio State ATI ODs registered students changing to CFAES Columbus Campus should also contact the college’s advisor, Ben Carignan, for assistance scheduling classes at
Taking classes on more than one campus?
Students who enroll in courses offered by multiple campuses (e.g., Ohio State ATI and Columbus Campus) will need to consult our office for guidance on how to request accommodations for your courses at each campus.