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COVID-Related Accommodation Requests

The university is committed to supporting students and program participants with COVID-19 based risk facots.

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The Ohio State ATI Office for Disability Services (ODS) is committed to creating an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities. We partner with students, faculty, and staff to design accessible environments and to provide academic accommodations and support services.

“Disability” is a broad term that includes, but is not limited to, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, temporary injuries, physical/learning disabilities, and ADHD.

Students register with ODS to be approved for accommodations. Registration is confidential and does not appear on transcripts. Medical documentation and information are kept private.

Registration with ODS

Step 1: Submit a New Student Application, use this link: https://sierra.accessiblelearning.com/OSU/ApplicationStudent.aspx

Hint: You will need your OSU user name (name .#) and your OSU  student ID number.

The New Student Application helps ODS better understand the impacts of your disability and your accommodation requests. The application includes a file upload feature to provide ODS with your disability documentation.

  • COVID-19 Information: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, please follow the University’s guidelines for self-quarantine (click here). If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that are significantly impacting your coursework, or if you have a CDC-identified higher risk medical condition, please contact ODS at faes-atiods@osu.edu. . We would like to discuss these impacts with you and how you may be eligible for disability accommodations.
  • Considering current community directives to promote social distancing, we understand it may be difficult for you to obtain disability documentation for registration.  Please know that this is no cause to delay reaching out to our office. We are here to work with you.  Please contact ODS at faes-atiods@osu.edu  if you have documentation concerns.
  • For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines.
  • Click here to download our Disability Verification Form (which is one way that a medical professional can provide you with disability documentation).
  • Student veterans whose medical conditions are on file with the VA are encouraged to contact Ed Mathews, Ohio State VetSuccess on Campus Counselor. Ed can help verify your conditions on file with the VA and provide documentation to you.
  • Students with readily observable disabilities (e.g. wheelchair user, white cane user) can contact ODS after submitting your application in lieu of uploading documentation.
  • For assistance with the New Student Application, please contact ODS at faes-atiods@osu.edu.

Step 2: If approved, you will receive a “Schedule Your Welcome Meeting with ODS” email to your Buckeyemail account.

  • Typically, these emails are sent within three business days of documentation receipt.
  • If not approved, the email will provide instructions for how to provide sufficient documentation.

Step 3: Schedule and (virtually) attend your Welcome Meeting.

  • During your Welcome Meeting, you will discuss your submitted application, barriers you experience in your academics, accommodations that would work best for you and steps for setting up those accommodations in your classes.
  • You are not officially registered with ODS until after you have completed your Welcome Meeting.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact ODS at faes-atiods@osu.edu.

Students: How to Use AIM

AIM is our online portal which allows to generate your Course Accessibility Letters. Click here to watch the AIM student tutorial.

Documentation Guidelines

The Office for Disability Services will review and consider all pieces of documentation submitted. Documentation will assist Disability Services in understanding how the disability impacts the student in an academic setting and the current impact of the disability as it relates to the accommodations requested. Reviewing documentation is a collaborative process and is handled on a case-to-case basis. The eligibility determination process is not a same day process. Once documentation is received, it will be reviewed in order of receipt; therefore, it is recommended that documentation be submitted well in advance of any accommodation related needs. Typically, documentation is processed, and the student will be notified within three business days of receipt.

NOTE: Students who have readily observable permanent disabilities (e.g. wheelchair user, white cane user) do not need to submit documentation. Instead, contact our office at 330-287-1258, or stop by the office at Student Success Services, 128 Skou Hall for registration with Disability Services.

There are multiple ways to provide the Office for Disability Services with documentation of your disability. Documentation should provide proof of diagnosis and/or prior accommodations. Disability Services follows the guidance from the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) on documentation review and accommodation approval. 

Students should submit at least one of the following:

  • IEP/504 plan
  • Medical records / patient portal diagnostic summary
  • Letter from a healthcare professional, on letterhead, which confirms a diagnosis.
  • Disability Services Verification Form (Must be completed by a healthcare professional.)
  • Accommodation letter from previous postsecondary institution
  • Full evaluation/diagnostic report (e.g. ETR, MFE)

The following information is helpful, but not required, to determine the best possible accommodations and supports:

  • Severity of the disorder (mild/moderate/severe)
  • Medication or treatment currently prescribed
  • Recommended accommodations that may assist the student in minimizing the impact of the condition in an academic setting.

Once registered, students only notify their instructors about their accommodations if they want to utilize accommodations in that instructor’s course. For more information about the ODS registration contact Ruth Montz at montz.11@osu.edu.

Temporary Registrations

Students with a temporary injury (e.g. broken arm, concussion, surgery recovery) do not need to apply. Instead, call the office during business hours (M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) at 330-287-1247. If your injury is not readily observable, such as a concussion, please have a doctor’s note or other relevant documentation ready to send via email.

Transfer Students

If you are transferring from another college or university and are already registered with that institution’s disability services office, you should ask for that office to provide you with documentation of your disability and of your approved accommodations. Please provide the disability and accommodations documentation to our office to register for services. You must submit documentation in advance and follow our Registration Process.

Campus Change Students

Each Ohio State campus has its own separate Disability Services office. Continuity in disability services for students changing campuses will be facilitated by contacting the disability services at your new campus.

Students who originally registered with ATI/Wooster Office for Disability Services prior to May 13, 2020 will need to also register with the disability services office at their new campus. Students changing to

Students who originally registered with ATI/Wooster Office for Disability Services on or after May 13, 2020 do not need to register at their new campus. Instead, your disability services registration will be updated. You will need to contact the disability services office at your new campus so that you can review how to request accommodations for your courses (e.g. how to schedule exams). 

Note: Students who enroll in courses offered by multiple campuses (e.g., ATI/Wooster and Columbus) will need to consult our office for guidance on how to request accommodations for your courses at each campus.

ODS Services

A range of services are provided to students, based on the impacts of their qualifying conditions; some of these services include:

  • Exam Accommodations (e.g., extended time, distraction reduced testing space)
  • Note-taking Assistance (e.g., note taking apps, audio record lectures, copy of classmate’s notes)
  • Attendance and Deadline Modifications (e.g., flexibility with number of excused absences, deadline extensions)
  • Accessible Media (e.g., digital textbooks, captioned videos)
  • Assistive Technology (e.g., text-to-speech software; screen-reading technology)
  • Sign Language Interpreting/Transcribing
  • Accommodations Consultation and Advocacy
  • Housing/Dining Accommodations
  • Accessible Parking
  • Other Services may include, but are not limited to:  Accessible classroom furniture, Assistive Listening Devices, Course substitutions, Lab Assistants, Priority Scheduling, Study Abroad Accommodations

Faculty: Overview AIM 

  1. After a student generates their Course Accessiblity Letter for your course, you will receive their letter via email. You can also view and manage all accommodation requests in your courses using the Instructor Portal.
  2. Review the letter for the student's accommodations. If unsure of your responsibilities for that particular accommodation, review the instructions on this page.
  3. Collaborate with the student and our office to implement the accommodation in a timely manner. Consult with the student's Access Specialist if you have any concerns about the feasibility of an accommodation in your course.

Faculty: How to Use the Instructor Portal

The AIM Instructor Portal allows you to view and manage all student accommodations in your courses. Click here to view the tutorial for the instructor portal.

Faculty Reference Guides

The university is committed to empowering faculty and staff by providng the knowledge/tools they need to create accessible educational environments. The Office of Student Life, Disability Servicesdeveloped a series of Quick Reference Guides. The series consists of a mixture of documents created in-house and documents curated from external sources (with citations).

You are invited to use these Quick Reference Guides for your own professional development or as a resource/training tool for your department (e.g. onboarding training).

For more information about these Quick Reference Guides use this link: https://slds.osu.edu/faculty-staff/quick-reference-guides/.


  • Assistive Technology Resources: http://www.atohio.org. Assistive Technology of Ohio offers a wide array of devices at their lending library.
  • Learning Disability/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity. Students who think they may have a learning disability or ADHD and have not been diagnosed can receive assistance identifying a place to get tested. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their medical insurance provider to determine if any testing is covered by their insurance plan.
  • Mental Health.  Students needing referrals for mental health concerns are encouraged to use campus Counseling Services at 330-287-1306 for mental health services, consultations, and referrals.
  • Veteran Services. The Office of Disability Services is proud to serve you and will work with you to make your transition to college life as rewarding as possible. We encourage you to schedule a meeting to determine your eligibility for disability services and identify accommodations to assist you to obtain equal access to educational opportunities.

To request accessibility accommodations for this website or an event, use this link: https://equityandinclusion.cfaes.ohio-state.edu/request-accessibility-accommodation

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