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Horticultural Technologies

Course Numbersort descending Title Unit(s) Semesters Offered Online
HCS 3100 Introduction to Agronomy 3.0 SP19
HORTTEC 1201T Exploring Horticulture 0.5 AU23
HORTTEC 201T Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture 3.0 -
HORTTEC 2110T Plant Materials I 3.0 SP23, AU23
HORTTEC 2120T Plant Materials II 3.0 AU23 -
HORTTEC 2140T Horticultural Photography 1.0 -
HORTTEC 2150T Horticultural Root Media 2.0 -
HORTTEC 2189.10T Practicum in Floral Design 1.0 SP23, AU23 -
HORTTEC 2189.21T Practicum in Greenhouse Management 1.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2189.22T Practicum in Nursery Management 1.0 -
HORTTEC 2189.30T Practicum in Landscape Horticulture 1.0 AU22 -
HORTTEC 2189.33T Practicum in Landscape Management 1.0 -
HORTTEC 2189.50T Turfgrass Management Practicum 1.0 AU22, SP23 -
HORTTEC 2190.10T Practical Leadership in Floral Design 1.0 SP23, AU23 -
HORTTEC 2190.21T Practical Leadership in Greenhouse Management 1.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2191.10T Floral Design and Marketing Internship 1.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2191.21T Greenhouse Management Internship 1.0 SP23, SU23
HORTTEC 2191.22T Nursery Management Internship 3.0
HORTTEC 2191.23T Greenhouse Engineering Technology Internship 3.0 SU23
HORTTEC 2191.30T Landscape Horticulture Internship 3.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2191.50T Turfgrass Management Internship 3.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2191.55T Turfgrass Equipment Manager Internship 2.0 SU23
HORTTEC 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 SP23, SU23, AU23
HORTTEC 2194T Group Studies 1.0 -
HORTTEC 2225T Turf Equipment Operation and Maintenance 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2227T Turfgrass Reel Mower Maintenance 3.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2230T Fundamentals of Turfgrass Science and Management 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2240T Golf Course and Sports Turf Irrigation and Drainage 3.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2245T Plant Materials for Turfgrass Managers 3.0 -
HORTTEC 2250T Turfgrass Cultural Systems and Practices 3.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2260T Sports Turf Operations Organization and Management 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2270T Golf Course Organization and Management 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2320T Landscape Construction 3.0 AU23 -
HORTTEC 2330T Landscape Construction II 2.0 -
HORTTEC 2350T Digital Design Applications II 1.0 -
HORTTEC 2360T Landscape Design 3.0 SP23
HORTTEC 236T Landscape Contracting and Construction II 3.0 -
HORTTEC 2370T Landscape Design II 4.0 -
HORTTEC 2390T Professional Landscape Management 3.0 -
HORTTEC 2410T Sustainable Nursery Management and Production 4.0 -
HORTTEC 2420T Garden Center Management 2.0 -
HORTTEC 2500T Greenhouse Environment Control 4.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2520T Greenhouse Perennial Production 3.0 SP23 -
HORTTEC 2540T Greenhouse Production of Annuals 3.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2560T Greenhouse Vegetable Production 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2600T Commercial Floral Design 4.0
HORTTEC 2620T Retail Flower Shop Operation 2.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2640T Flowers for Celebrations 4.0 AU23
HORTTEC 2660T Post-Harvest Flower Care 2.0 SP23 -
HORTTEC 266T Wedding Floral Design 4.0 -
HORTTEC 2680T Contemporary Floral Design 3.0 SP23 -
HORTTEC 2740T Plant Propagation 4.0 SP23
HORTTEC 2880T Principles of Weed Science 3.0 SP23, AU23 -
HORTTEC 2890T Plant Diseases of Ornamentals and Turf 3.0 SP23, AU23 -
HORTTEC 3550T Components of Greenhouse Technologies 3.0 AU23
HORTTEC 3560T Integrated Greenhouse Climate Control 4.0 -
PLNTPTH 3001 General Plant Pathology Lecture 3.0 AU23