Arts & Science & Business Tech

Course Numbersort descending Title Unit(s) Semesters Offered Online
AEDECON 2001 Principles of Food and Resource Economics 3.0 SP20, AU20
BIOTECH 1201T Exploring Biochemical Sciences and Biotechnology 0.5 AU20 -
BIOTECH 2218T General and Applied Entomology 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
BIOTECH 2219T Pesticides and their Use 3.0 AU20 -
BUSTEC 1151T General Economics 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
BUSTEC 1201T Exploring Business 0.5 AU20 -
BUSTEC 1202T Software Applications 1.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2191T Business Internship 3.0 SP20, SU20, AU20 -
BUSTEC 2207T Problem Solving with Spreadsheets and Databases 2.0 SP20 -
BUSTEC 2231T Fundamentals of Marketing 3.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2232T Personal Selling 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
BUSTEC 2240T Introduction to Project Management 3.0 AU20
BUSTEC 2241T Small Business Management 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
BUSTEC 2244T Human Resource Management and Leadership 3.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2247T Business Law 3.0 AU20 -
BUSTEC 2248T Introduction to Cooperatives 2.0 -
BUSTEC 2249T Fundamentals of Business Finance 3.0 SP20 -
BUSTEC 2250T Fundamentals of International Business 3.0 SP20 -
ENVSCT 1201T Exploring Environmental Sciences 0.5 AU20 -
ENVSCT 2191T Environmental Internship 3.0 -
GENBIOL 1200T General Biology 4.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENBIOL 1250T General Botany with Applications 4.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENCHEM 1100T Introduction to General Chemistry 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENCOMM 1201T Exploring Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership 0.5 AU20 -
GENCOMM 2115T Technical and Business Writing 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENHUM 1190.01T Humanities as a Window on Cultural Pluralism: The Arts in Ghana 3.0 -
GENHUM 1190.02T Humanities as a Window on Cultural Pluralism: Global Arts 3.0 AU20
GENHUM 2193T Individual Studies 1.0 -
GENMATH 1030T Basic Mathematics I 3.0 SP20, AU20
GENMATH 1040T Basic Mathematics II 3.0 SP20, AU20
GENMATH 1141T Business Mathematics 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENMATH 1145T Technical Mathematics 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
GENSSC 1181T Hispanic Culture and Language in the Workplace 3.0 SP20, AU20 -
MATH 1148 College Algebra 4.0 SP20, SU20, AU20
RNEWNRG 2025T Solar Energy Systems 3.0 -
RURLSOC 1500 Introduction to Rural Sociology 3.0 SP20, AU20
TECPHYS 1150T Technical Physics 5.0 SP20, AU20 -