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Dairy Cattle Production & Management

We have two programs that may be of interest to you: Dairy Cattle Production and Management and Animal Science Dairy Specialization. See the links at the right for the course sequences / curriculum.

The Dairy Cattle Production and Management Associate of Applied Science program combines a top-notch education program with excellent facilities to prepare students for careers that focus on the animal care, business, and associated services that are part of a dairy farm or dairy agribusiness.

Students study the principles and processes of genetics, reproduction, milking, health and nutritional management of the dairy herd. Additional course work in computerized herd records, agronomy, buildings and equipment, personnel management, accounting, and farm/business management helps to prepare graduates to manage farm finances as well as the herd. 
  1. The CFAES Wooster dairy operation is located on CFAES Wooster's 4,200 acres of research and teaching farms, and includes:

  2. All dairy students take part in supervised, practical work experience that provides students with the opportunity to apply laboratory skills learned in the classrooms at the Ohio State ATI dairy. Students also complete an industry internship of full-time employment. Ohio State ATI helps students find appropriate internship positions both in Ohio and in other states.

  3. Dairy positions are available in production management, service, quality control, and sales. Graduates may start a dairy operation of their own or return to their home farm; manage others’ operations as dairy herd or farm managers, or become farm employees; or fill positions as dairy field representatives or dairy technicians

  4. Because Ohio State ATI is located in the heart of Ohio's dairy industry, students have many opportunities to interact with industry professionals as well as excellent part-time employment opportunities while attending school.