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We are a community who cares about all its members. We are all encouraged to identify students who may be in need of additional support or services. Notifying the CARE Team is one of the ways to support our students who may be experiencing a personal challenge. The CARE Team can respond to your report and offer assistance to students.

The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary group that addresses referrals with 2 primary goals: a) to support student success and b) to help foster a healthy and safe community.

We offer support to students experiencing

  • unexpected life events.
  • personal challenges.
  • mental health struggles.
  • academic difficulties that can interfere with college success.

The CARE Team is limited in scope. We promote but cannot ensure that students use the resources or seek help when it is offered. We will make referrals and encourage students to act upon our referrals.

The CARE Team meets regularly to ensure our responses are coordinated. We also collaborate with colleagues to support student persistence and success in academic and career endeavors. Our goals are to attend to individual student wellbeing and to support the overall wellbeing of our campus community.

We also offer educational resources to guide faculty and staff to assist disruptive and distressed students, a guide to Community Resources, and educational workshops will be provided upon request.

Any member of our campus community (faculty, staff and students) who know of a student who may need help can use our online referral form to request assistance. A representative from the office of Student Success Services or a designee will follow-up with the student to determine how we can best help.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Carri Gerber at or Ruth Montz at