Diversity & Inclusion

The Wooster Diversity Team is a subset of the CFAES/OSUE Diversity Catalyst Team with members from the OARDC and ATI.
We share the MISSION of the College Diversity Team which is to "create a climate of inclusion and inspire an appreciation of diversity."

  • Develop professional development / diversity opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Serve as role models and ambassadors of diversity and inclusion
  • Create support program for Internationals, minorities and members of other diverse groups working on the Wooster Campus, Wayne County, OH

A sub-committee of the Wooster Diversity Team is in the process of doing a survey to see if folks would like us to offer one-on-one support for anyone new to campus - but especially including internationals, minorities and members of other diverse groups.
Please contact Susan for more information 330.263.3749 or sommer-wagner.1@osu.edu
We want your input, so please get involved!

Diversity is differences among people including age, class, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practices, size and many other human differences. The diversity development section of this Extension HR website is a resource for OSU Extension and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences staff, faculty and students. Send diversity-related facts or community events to Kathy Lechman.
Why "Diversity Unity Community"?

  • Diversity: CFAES values a welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Unity: CFAES faculty, staff and students are committed to each other
  • Community: CFAES offers a sense of belonging for all
  • Slogan and logo offer a visual identity for diversity efforts and were developed with student, faculty and staff input