Clubs & Organizations

Hoof-n-Hide Club's Mud Volleyball

Clubs and organizations are a great way to make new friends and get involved on campus. More than 70% of our students are involved in at least one student club. Most clubs are open to students of all majors. Clubs undertake a wide variety of activities, from the annual Homecoming dance to field trips. Click on the club name below or contact the club advisor if you would like more information. On the Club & Organization Resources page, you can find useful information about starting a new club, reporting a club event or activity, and more! 

CLUBS & Organizations

Agronomy Club

Advisor: Dr. Jon Witter
Dairy Club

Advisor: Royce Thornton
  Greenhouse Club

Advisor: Dr. Uttara Samarakoon
Artists de Fleur Club

Advisor: Terry Lanker
Hoof-n-Hide Club

Advisor: Dr. Mike Amstutz
Bee Club

Advisor: Reed Johnson
Landscape Club

Advisor: Dr. Laura Deeter
CRU (Campus Crusades for Christ)

Advisor: Leslie Eisberg
Phi Theta Kappa

Advisor: Dr. Subbu Kumarappan
Collegiate 4-H

Advisor: Ella Lorentz
Pre-Veterinary Club

Advisor: Carri Gerber
Collegiate FFA

Advisor: Dr. Nathan Crook
SAIFD (Anderson Student Chapter of The American Institute of Floral Designers)

Advisor: Terry Lanker
Collegiate Horseman's Association

Advisor: Dr. Karen Wimbush

Student Activities Council

Advisor: Heather Rakosik 

Community Council

Advisor: Mick Steiner
Dairy Cattle Judging Team

Advisor: Royce Thornton
Turf Club

Advisor: Dr. Zane Raudenbush


Stick and Ink (art interest)

Supervisor: Katie LeMasters
Student Book Club

Supervisor: Kathy Yoder