Ohio State ATI

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Wooster, Ohio

UCView System

UCVIEW is an on-campus communication system which uses TV monitors to broadcast important information to ATI students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located in the Halterman and Skou Hall lobbies and in the Student Activites Center. 

The Public Relations Office shall serve as the clearinghouse for all messages to be placed on the UCVIEW system. All messages will be reviewed for content prior to posting on the system. The Public Relations Office and Ohio State ATI Administration reserves the right to reject or cancel content at any time for any reason, including, without limitation, appropriateness of content, length, and availability of space or time on the display system. Announcements must be free of grammatical and spelling errors or they may be rejected. Accuracy of posted information is the responsibility of the person, group or office submitting content.

Acceptable Types of Messages

  • Announcements about ATI activities and events
  • Important dates and deadlines related to the academic calendar
  • Congratulations to organizations and/or individuals for awards and honors
  • Important weather and national news updates when necessary
  • Internal marketing
  • Welcome and greet visitors and prospective students

Format and Submission

Content for the UCView system must be in JPG format. The easiest way to create content is to use PowerPoint to create a slide and then save the slide as a JPG. If you wish to use Microsoft Word, make sure that your slide is formatted in landscape mode. It will not display correctly in portrait. mode. 

The following areas/individuals have the ability to post content to the system. Submit your slide via e-mail to the appropriate contact in your area.