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Transfer Students

Transitioning within The Ohio State University System

When transitioning within The Ohio State University system, the new department or unit will decide what credit will apply to the new major. This applies to Ohio State ATI students transitioning to Ohio State Columbus campus or a regional campus.

Students who wish to transition into bachelor's degree programs in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) should contact Ohio State ATI's Transition Counselor in 200F Halterman Hall for information and scheduling appointments. 

Students transitioning from Ohio State ATI to another Ohio State University college or campus, should obtain a Campus Change Request form in the Academic Affairs Office, 219 Halterman Hall.

Transferring Out of The Ohio State University System

Transferring from one college to another should be planned carefully and students should give special consideration to the consequences of this decision. Transferring from Ohio State ATI to any four-year degree program represents a change in life goals. This kind of transition involves confronting challenges and handling numerous details. Please note that it is the institution that a student wants to transfer into that makes any and all decisions regarding evaluation and acceptance of transfer credit.

Students should keep copies of syllabi, course materials, assignments and exams in an organized fashion to assist other institutions in evaluation of the transferability of Ohio State ATI courses.