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IMPORTANT - The Learning Lab is offering online tutoring.  Please contact Penny Nemitz at nemitz.7@osu.edu to be connected to the appropriate tutor.


The learning lab

picture of the learning lab at ATI  

The Learning Lab (LL) is located at 128 HaltermanHall (mid-level). The LL is open and available to all students.

Learning Lab hours:

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Friday

Apple Wood Village Learning Lab located next to the Housing Office in the main building.

The hours are:
4:00 PM to 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday
Other hours are by appointment only

The Learning Lab is open and available to all students to:
•Get free tutoring
•Study alone or in a group
•Use the computers
•Use the printer
•Have a beverage and relax and read

•Don’t wait!!  Request tutoring early….good grades are extremely important
•Walk-in assistance; no appointment necessary for most subjects
•You can request a tutor by stopping in the Learning Lab or you can fill out a tutoring request form in Student Success Services, the library or your department office
•Always check your email as that is how your tutor will keep in contactwith you’.
•Tutoring is important and helpful but remember tutoring only supplements what you learn in class….so always attend class!!

HELP is also available for learning about study skills, test taking tips and note taking

eTutoring is also offered for students in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Pre-Algebra through Advanced Calculus, Physics, Statistics and Writing.  Its available by using your osu.edu email address. (For writing, please allow 48-72 hours for feedback.

Login Website: https://www.etutoring.org

  1. Sign on to the internet
  2. Open new tab
  3. Log on to: https://www.etutoring.org
  4. Select: "log in now"
  5. Select Ohio eTutoring collaborative
  6. Select Ohio State ATI
  7. Log in using: lastname.#
  8. Password: eTutoring
  9. Send email by using osu.edu email
  10. RECOMMENDED: Change password by using the "Forgot my password" tab

Study Skills:

Flashcards/Quizzing (make and save virtual flash cards, quiz yourself, view decks of flashcards others have shared):

Assignment Calculators (help with breaking up big assignments and making a timeline):

Student Tips (general information on studying, study strategies, and a blog from a self-proclaimed nerd):

Organization and Time Management:

Academic Resources:

For more information contact:
Penny Nemitz/nemitz.7@osu.edu
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