Online Courses

Under the "Delivery" below the full globe of earth means fully online full globe means the courses should be full online (you do not have to come to the campus) and the half globe of earth means partially online half globe means you may have to come to campus or login at a certain time.  Please check each course for the details.

Course Numbersort descending Title Unit(s) Semesters Offered Delivery
AEDECON 2001 Principles of Food and Resource Economics 3.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 1202T Software Applications 1.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2231T Fundamentals of Marketing 3.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2240T Introduction to Project Management 3.0 AU20
BUSTEC 2241T Small Business Management 3.0 SP20, AU20
BUSTEC 2244T Human Resource Management and Leadership 3.0 SP20, AU20
CRPSOIL 2324T Soil Management 3.0 SP20
CRPSOIL 2422T Weed Control Technology 3.0 AU20
HCS 3100 Introduction to Agronomy 3.0 SP19
MATH 1148 College Algebra 4.0 SP20, SU20, AU20
PLNTPTH 3001 General Plant Pathology Lecture 3.0 AU20
RURLSOC 1500 Introduction to Rural Sociology 3.0 SP20, AU20