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Animal Sciences Technology

Swine Production and Management I

Mon, 2020-07-20 17:02 -- Anonymous
A study of the basic principles of production and management for contemporary commercial swine production enterprises. 1 to 3 day field trips, including weekends, may be required. Students will pay costs associated with field trips (lodging, transportation, meals, etc.) above Ohio State tuition and fees. Prereq: Not open to students with credit for 222.02T. This course is available for EM credit.

Food Animal Resource Management II - Small Ruminants

Mon, 2020-07-20 17:02 -- Anonymous
Supervised practical experience in small ruminant production and management at the Grace Drake Learning Laboratory with emphasis on developing and improving leadership characteristics, small ruminant production and management skills and competency. A grade of C or better required to meet graduation requirements. Prereq: 2510.04T. Repeatable to a maximum of 4 cr hrs.

Group Studies

Mon, 2020-07-20 17:02 -- Anonymous
Designed to give groups of students an opportunity to pursue special studies not offered in other courses. Prereq: Permission of instructor. Repeatable to a maximum of 10 cr hrs or 10 completions.


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