Group Counseling

What happens in group counseling?

In group counseling (also referred to as "group therapy"), a therapist will meet with three or more students who share common concerns and/or goals.  There are different types of therapy groups.  Some groups focus on learning and practicing a specific set of skills or tools.  Some groups provide a safe environment to talk about a common identity and offer support.  Some groups offer an opportunity to try out new ways to communicate and relate to other people.

If you have never been in group counseling, you might be nervous about experiencing therapy with other students, and/or you may think that it isn’t as “good” or effective as individual therapy, since you don’t have one-on-one attention from a therapist.  Even the most social and outgoing people will also be nervous about group therapy, so you will not be alone in your feelings.  Research demonstrates that group therapy can be equally effective as individual therapy, and for some situations, group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy. 

Therapy groups are offered based on student needs.  Groups start when there are enough available participants, and the meeting times will be determined by the availability of students who sign up.

How do I sign up for group therapy?

Everyone needs to meet with Dr. Belanger for an intake appointment before joining a group.  During the intake appointment, you will discuss more about the group and what your goals are.  This allows both you and Dr. Belanger to determine if the group would be a good fit for you.

Please schedule an appointment online to meet with Dr. Belanger about therapy groups. 

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