Why would I ask for a consultation?
Some common reasons for seeking consultation:

  • Concern that a student is showing signs of impairment in daily functioning
  • Questions about a student’s development (academically or socially)
  • Alarm that a student is showing indications of self-destructive or unusual behaviors
  • Concern about a student whose family is experiencing a crisis
  • Need for information about referrals for more specialized services in the community

Who is eligible for consultation?
Dr. Belanger provides consultation services for students and about students.  Students are welcome to consult with Dr. Belanger about friends or family members.  In addition, Dr. Belanger is available to consult with friends/family, staff, and faculty about students. 

What happens in a consultation?  Can I find out about a student?
Dr. Belanger will not be able to share information about any student (or whether she has met with that student) without the student’s permission.  Regardless, consultations can still be very helpful.  During a consultation, Dr. Belanger will ask you about the student and/or situation and can help provide direction and support based on the information that you provide.  In addition, if Dr. Belanger provides counseling for the student about whom you want to consult, the information that you provide may be helpful in their therapy sessions.

How do I ask for a consultation?
To consult with Dr. Belanger, email her at or leave a voicemail at 330.287.1306.

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