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Career Training & Professional Development

From sharpening technical skills to honing management and leadership strengths, learning across your career is critical for keeping up with the constant changes and advancements in today’s work environments. Whether you are a seasoned business leader or a new service technician, you can look to OSU in Wooster for your career training and professional development needs.

  1. As an executive, perhaps you have reached the perceived pinnacle of your career, but does that mean you have reached the pinnacle of your effectiveness and impact? Continue to grow and refine your skill set with our experts.

  2. The most effective leaders know there is still much to learn. Determining how best to develop your leadership strengths, and those of the emerging leaders in your organization, can be overwhelming. Let us help you develop your workforce into the leaders of tomorrow!

  3. Having well trained and compassionate managers and supervisors, at all levels, is key to helping your company succeed and keeping your employees happy. Let us help you with management and supervisory skills training.

  4. Teams and workgroups today share more diversity than ever before. We have more generations in the workplace at the same time, co-workers with vastly different experiences and expertise, and we each have our own communication preferences and work styles. Let us help you with your team collaboration, communication, and effectiveness!

  5. Many organization needs individuals with the technical skills to make their company perform at peak levels. You can start that climb with the industrial and technical skills training right here!