Ohio State ATI

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Wooster, Ohio

The College of Wooster

The College of Wooster wanted to create a formal program to help selected College employees to hone their leadership skills.  After meeting with Laurie Stickelmaier (VP Finance) and Gary Thompson (Director of HR), we suggested a plan for a year of personal and professional growth, where participants:

  • Gain valuable leadership skills to help advance their careers
  • Learn from experts in Teambuilding, Coaching & Motivating Others, Conflict Resolution, Managing Time & Priorities, Effective Decision-Making, Change Management and Communication  – Oral, Written & Presentation Skills
  • Understand first-hand out how various departments of the College work by participating in field experience days
  • Work with an Executive Coach to create personal goals & action plans for the future

This approach allowed us to capture the uniqueness of The College of Wooster’s culture and the aspects of leadership that are necessary for future leaders.  Senior staff mentors were paired with participants for the year-long process, offering a leadership coaching opportunity for the senior staff as well as a collaborative opportunity for participants.  This year’s participants will become mentors for next year’s Leadership Academy participants, thus continuing the learning process for both groups.

See Look-Ahead Leadership for a more in-depth look at the College of Wooster Leadership Academy. “Look-Ahead Leadership,” by Laurie Stickelmaier, Melanie Garcia, and Gary Thompson, originally appeared in the July-August 2012 issue of Business Officer, the monthly flagship magazine published by the National Association of College and University Business Officers in Washington, D.C.