Credit Courses

Ohio State ATI is your Ohio State University campus in Wooster! As an adult learner, you can attend on a part-time or full-time basis, whether auditing courses or completing them for a grade. You can enroll in a course to help you with a work-related need or to explore a topic of personal interest. 

You can even build your own program! That’s right - Ohio State ATI offers you the option of customizing a program to meet your specific continuing education needs.

~ A Certificate of Achievement, awarded for successfully completing a pre-approved series of credit courses, gives you the flexibility of a program designed around your needs for employment qualifications or career advancement without pursuing a full degree. In this case, you meet in advance with a faculty program coordinator to determine which combination of courses best meets your particular needs.

~ A Certificate of Completion is available for simply completing a course or a series of courses, whether for credit or non-credit, based on your own needs or interests. You determine which courses are of interest to you and let us know you want to enroll!

Apply for non-degree credit course enrollment

Questions? Please contact Zac Burkey at

Visiting Campus - We invite you to visit us anytime. If you wish to meet with a faculty member or talk to someone about getting enrolled, please call 330-287-7511. You can also take advantage of one of our campus visit days, scheduled throughout the year. Campus visit days provide you with an opportunity to tour our 50-acre campus, horticultural complex, 1,700-acre farm laboratory, and Hawk’s Nest Golf Club at Ohio State ATI, used as a learning lab for many of our programs and rated among the 10 best public courses in Ohio. Find more information about visiting campus here.

Have additional questions? Check-out the Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact us directly; the Ohio State ATI BTES staff is happy to answer your questions about continuing education options and help you get enrolled.