Business Training and Educational Services

Business Training & Educational Services (BTES) is your continuing education and workforce training resource at Ohio State ATI. Here to help people and businesses succeed by:

  • Developing customized workforce training programs that lead to improved quality, increased productivity, decreased waste, increased sales, improved communications, reduced downtime and conflict....
  • Putting the customer first, collaborating with key personnel to customize solutions around actual needs and organizational culture, delivering training and services at the time and location that works best for the customer....
  • Finding solutions for area residents looking to upgrade their skills, tackle new careers or even jump into new hobbies.
  1. Continuing Education

    Students of all ages attend Ohio State ATI, for both personal and professional reasons. Continuing education options include credit and non-credit courses, professional development seminars, and technical skill development workshops and short courses. From leadership and communication to industrial and engineering technologies to horticulture, agriculture, the environment and beyond, you can always learn something new at Ohio State ATI.

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  2. Customized Workforce Training

    What are your current business challenges?  Out-of-control costs… Questionable quality… Equipment down-time… Shrinking profits… Improving the skills of your employees… Developing the next generation of leaders?

    Tackle your challenges with help from Ohio State ATI’s Business Training & Educational Services.  Our business experts will help you:

  3. The Supervisor's Toolbox

    The Supervisor’s Toolbox

    The Tools You Need to Supervise Effectively

    The Right Tools for the Right Time!
    An employee excels at the job she was hired to do, so she gets promoted to supervisor with little or no training about how to be an effective supervisor. A supervisor has been in his role for over a year, but he still struggles when dealing with a difficult employee. A supervisor tells HR about an employee performance issue, but doesn't know how to communicate or document the necessary corrective action.