Ohio State ATI

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences
Wooster, Ohio
Bioenergy Certificate
This 9-month certificate program can be earned as a stand-alone or in conjunction with an associate degree.

Bioenergy Certificate

The increasing demand for energy and renewable energy sources will continue to drive the need for trained bioenergy technicians. This Certificate Program in Bioenergy prepares students with the skills and knowledge to get started in the industry. It will also serve as a first-year requirement towards an Associate of Science degree in the Renewable Energy major at Ohio State ATI. See the link at the right for the course sequence / curriculum.

Career Opportunities

Because of the dynamic aspects of the industry, graduates may find opportunities with start-up organizations as well as established companies. Graduates can enter the workforce as lab technicians, waste water treatment plant operators, solar array and wind turbine installers, feedstock analysts, and component sales, as well as in other indirect jobs that support bioenergy construction and operations.


Ohio State ATI’s specialized facilities provide numerous hands-on opportunities for students. These facilities include:

• A renewable energy laboratory with small-scale biodigesters and wind and solar trainers
• A fully-operational, 555,000-gallon biodigester where students will gain hands-on experience
• A bioenergy research laboratory at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, located adjacent to the Ohio State ATI campus
• Our 1,700-acre farm, with dairy, beef, swine, and equine facilities and 900 acres of agronomic crops
• A 21,000-square-foot greenhouse complex

GreenEnergy Website

Ohio State ATI was awarded an Advanced Technological Education grant from the National Science Foundation for a program entitled “Bioenergy: A Model Workforce Education Program.” For additional information regarding the grant and Ohio State ATI's Renewable Energy program, see greenenergy.osu.edu.