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Submitted by Royce Thornton,

Dear ATI and CFAES Family,
Words are so inadequate to express my gratitude to my ATI and CFAES family for your great outpouring of concern, kindness, sympathy, and love with the passing of my beloved wife Liz on August 2. I was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness expressed by you in the numerous cards that I received and that so many of you would come to the visitation hours at the funeral home. 
Thank you for the beautiful flowers that you sent. The flowers provided beauty and hope to our family as we grieve our loss. Liz loved all kinds of flowers – especially roses. I am now tasked with the challenge of keeping her roses growing and blooming just as good as she did – this will be very hard for me. One of my traditions was to give Liz one rose for each year of our marriage on our wedding anniversary.
I will be okay. I will heal – although it will take time. Although the pain will subside, the memories of the wonderful times that Liz and I shared as we loved, laughed, teased, hugged, kissed, played, worshiped, raised our children, spoiled our grandchildren, vacationed, and supported each other in our individual endeavors will keep my family and I going strong. 
During this time of loss, I realize that I have 3 wonderful families that will help me in the days and years ahead: 1) my children and their families along with my extended family, 2) my church family, and 3) my ATI and CFAES family. Thank you for being part of my ATI and CFAES family. Thank you for your words of sympathy and encouragement. Working with the students and you will be one way to help fill the “hole” that Liz’s passing left.
I was going to send an individual thank you to everyone that sent me a card or came to the visitation. However, I quickly discovered that this was impractical because of the thoughtfulness expressed by so many individuals. Please accept this note as my way of saying thank you for your concern, empathy, and support in this period of grief and healing.
   Royce and Family