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Welcome to ATI Online!

It is a new day at Ohio State ATI!  We are pleased to announce that ATI is continuing its expansion into the realm of online learning!  Our online development program began with professional development opportunities and has just recently embarked on developing courses for academic credit as well.

Our expansion will allow us to provide more distance education courses for academic credit and professional development. These courses allow for the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your own home, work site, or wherever you decide.  All our distance opportunities are taught by our high caliber faculty at ATI or other partnering groups at The Ohio State University and beyond.  Professional development modules will enhance your skills and knowledge in the workplace, improve your resume, and allow you to collaborate and learn with individuals all over the globe.

If your company is considering professional development opportunities, we will work closely with your company to develop customized content specific to your needs or if you wish to send a group of participants at one time to an online training event or academic course please contact Deana Namuth-Covert at

We invite you to explore our site.  Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or requests for new courses to consider developing.


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  1. Online Credit Courses

    Online/distance delivery courses allow for flexibility in our programs and decreases barriers to higher education for those who are place bound or with time constraints. These online offerings also allow us to promote ATI to underrepresented populations in Ohio.

    Online/Distance Learning courses come in a variety of forms: online, blended (hybrid), and synchronous online.  Below are brief descriptions of these types of distance courses.

  2. Skills You Need to Succeed

    In order to succeed in online courses you will need certain computer and technology skills.  You should be able to access e-mail, operate word processing software, navigate and adjust settings in your web browser, and be able to find specific information and resources on the internet.  You should also have a basic familiarity with your designated learning platform, which is Carmen for academic credit courses and Canvas for the professional development courses.

    Computer Requirements

    Minimum computer requirements include the following:

  3. Are you considering taking an online course?  Do you have the skills for online learning? Take the Ohio State Online Readiness Survey to assess your skill set for online learning.




  4. Who should take these online training modules?  
  5. Meet the ATI Online team!

    We have put together an amazing team of the best ATI instructors, as well as those from other departments at The Ohio State University.  We are also partnering with outstanding faculty from other institutions to co-teach the very best and highly applicable courses for you.