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OSU Faculty Council Opposition to Senate Bill 83

Submitted by Subbu Kumarappan,

Ohio has joined 25+ other states regarding DEI-related bills affecting higher education.* OSU Office of Govt Affairs addressed the topic at the OSU Faculty Council meeting. The discussions included how academic research would be impacted in OSU, issues and concerns with hiring and retaining high quality faculty members, accreditation issues, possible difficulties in getting research funds from federal agencies that have DEI requirements, the loss of support and confidence with the donors, role of limiting interactions with China, among others.
The OSU Faculty Council is expressing its full-throated opposition to the proposed bill.
Further legislative discussions are scheduled to occur in early-May. The OSU Office of Govt Affairs would welcome examples and ideas about the unintended consequences of this proposed bill. Please direct your queries to Mike Rodgers, Stacy Rastauskas, and Ben Kanzeg via this link.

* Map tracker of various state-level efforts