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STEP Wooster visits historic Law-Reed-Huss Farm

By Eric Williams

On Sunday, March 24th, The Ohio State University Wooster campus STEP Program was invited to tour the historic Huss Family farm and museum in Uhrichsville, Ohio. The Second Year Transformational Experience Program at the Wooster campus was invited to tour the grounds by Dr. William (Bill) Huss.

Dr. Huss learned about the Wooster campus STEP program while researching different programs in the area. Dr. Huss found the program to be innovative and worked with Wooster STEP coordinator, Penny Nemitz, to learn more about the program and to facilitate a student visit to his expansive and beautiful mid-19th century farmstead.

The student attendees ranged from past, present and future STEP students. Emma Leggett and Laura Scholl were 2023 STEP students. Jacob Stiltner, Trenton Horner, Ellen Fuller and Cambell Warrington are current STEP students in 2024. Daniel Hinojosa and Caleb Bennett are joining for next year.  We also had Lexi Schmidt, Landscape Horticulture major who was very interested in the crops and flora over the years on the farm.

Historic Huss farm features the original mid 1800’s farmhouse that has remained largely untouched for nearly a century, making the rooms and materials therein a time capsule of space and ephemera. Dr. Huss has worked diligently to preserve and recreate the living spaces of his various ancestors with rooms “feeling” like they would in World War I, the American Gilded Age, and the Depression. Students were treated to a guided tour of the locations by Dr. Huss himself and were delighted by the antiquity they literally were walking through.  Dr. Linden, Dr. Williams , P.Nemitz and the student attendees were incredibly gratified by the full experience and duly grateful to Dr. Huss for his hospitality and providing this fantastic learning experience.

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