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Dairy Specialization

The Animal Sciences Dairy Specialization is the animal care, business, and services associated with a dairy farm or dairy agribusiness. The Associate of Science degree in Animal Sciences Dairy Specialization allows students to complete 50 percent of the requirements for a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

Students study the principles and processes of genetics, reproduction, milking, health, and nutritional management of the dairy herd. Additional course work in computerized herd management, agronomy, buildings and equipment, personnel management, accounting, and farm/business management helps to prepare graduates to manage farm finances as well as the herd.

All dairy students take part in supervised, practical work experience that provides students with the opportunity to apply laboratory skills learned in the classrooms at the Ohio State ATI dairy. Students are encouraged to think independently and to evaluate and solve farm problems under the guidance of the dairy manager. Students assist in the daily tasks of milking, feeding, record keeping, and health management of the herd.


Students in the Animal Sciences Dairy Specialization complete an industry internship of full-time employment. Ohio State ATI helps students find appropriate internship positions in Ohio and across the country. Students are typically paid for their employment, graded on their job performance, and awarded academic credit.

Career Prospects

After completing the Associate of Science in Animal Sciences Dairy Specialization, students may continue their studies by completing a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences at the Ohio State Columbus campus. Those who graduate with a major in Animal Science Dairy Specialization or Animal Sciences may start a dairy operation of their own, return to their home farm, or manage others’ operations. Graduates also work in allied industries such as breed associations, artificial insemination organizations, feed companies, equipment companies, research laboratories, meat-packing and animal product processing plants, government agencies, biotechnical industries, and in the business aspects of chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

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