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Animal Industries Specializations

The curriculum for the Animal Industries specialization in the Animal Sciences major is a balance between livestock classes and general education designed to help a student excel upon graduation or as they transition into a bachelor’s degree. The Animal Science classes include principles in nutrition, health, reproduction, genetics, anatomy, and management systems. Students may also take courses in sustainable agriculture, forages, animal appreciation, and manure management.

Animal Sciences students will also participate in supervised, practical management classes at the Ohio State ATI Farm. These courses provide students with the opportunity to apply skills about routine cattle, sheep, or swine management learned in the classroom. Students are encouraged to think independently and evaluate and solve problems under the guidance of the livestock facilities manager. Students assist in the daily husbandry and responsibilities of the livestock.


Students in the Animal Sciences programs have the option of completing an industry internship of full-time employment. Ohio State ATI helps students find appropriate internship positions in Ohio and across the country. Students are typically paid for their employment, graded on their job performance, and awarded academic credit.

Career Prospects

Career opportunities for workers in Animal Sciences are available in the areas of research, development, production, sales, and management. With continued education, graduates fill positions such as:

• Livestock Manager
• Nutritionist
• Meat Inspector/Grader
• Feed/Pharmaceutical Sales
• Technical Support
• Industry Promotions
• Veterinarian

Ohio State ATI graduates who also completed a bachelor’s degree have recently been hired by such firms as:

• American Angus Association
• Pfizer Animal Health
• Renaissance Nutrition, Inc.
• United Producers, Inc.
• United States Department of Agriculture

Other students who have graduated from Ohio State ATI and then completed their bachelor's degrees have continued their education in graduate school or veterinary school.


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