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Animal Biosciences Specialization

The objective of the Animal Sciences – Animal Biosciences specialization at Ohio State ATI is to allow students to complete the first half of a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture majoring in Animal Sciences (Animal Biosciences) at The Ohio State University with a focus on animal health careers and/or academic preparation for professional degrees or graduate work.

The Animal Biosciences Specialization is specifically designed to provide: 1) opportunities for students to receive instruction and experience in multiple animal species, and 2) an educational track for students interested in animal medicine to receive instruction in and experience with large animal production methods. In addition, this specialization prepares students to apply to The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine through the Veterinary Early Commitment Program.

Career opportunities

Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences will find careers as technical representatives for pharmaceutical, animal health, feed, breeding/genetics, equipment, and other related companies; research or product development technicians; quality assurance, public health, animal welfare, inspection, and laboratory technicians; managers of livestock production units; and others.

Graduates may also apply to veterinary school (or other professional schools) for careers in production medicine, veterinary research, public health, toxicology, pharmacology, nutrition, animal welfare, and other veterinary specialties.


The Animal Industries Specialization provides a broad approach to course selection and career goals within the Animal Sciences major. Required courses can be selected from various species specific classes. In addition, opportunities are available for animal, business, and internship elective courses.