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Agronomy / Crop Management & Soil Conservation



We have two programs that may be of interest to you: Agronomy and Crop Management and Soil Conservation. See the links at the right for the course sequences / curriculum.

Agronomy (AS)

Agronomy is an Associate of Science program that focuses on the science of agronomic crop production and includes the study of soil, crop, and pest management.

The Associate of Science degree program at Ohio State ATI allows students to complete 50 percent of the curriculum needed to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in sustainable plant systems at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Students in the sustainable plant systems major can specialize in agronomy, horticulture, landscape design and management, and turfgrass science.


Agronomy students have the option of completing an internship while they are at Ohio State ATI or waiting until after they transition to the sustainable plant systems major in Columbus.

Study Abroad

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences offers numerous study abroad opportunities, including “England--Horticulture and Turfgrass Science.” The experience in England focuses on site visits and analysis to develop an appreciation for the design elements, historical influences, and horticultural and turf management practices that make specific places effective and memorable. Participants will be required to develop extensive photo-documentation and thorough interpretation of components of each of the sites examined.

Career Prospects

Those who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in sustainable plant systems are prepared for careers within the private sector, with agrochemical, seed, grain, greenhouse, nursery, and food processing companies. Crop scientists may also become independent crop producers or professional agricultural consultants.

Crop Management and Soil Conservation (AAS)

The crops programs prepare students for careers in the management of field and forage crops through the application of scientific and applied principles. It includes sales, consulting, and other support activities for the crop producer.

Ohio State ATI offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Crop Management and Soil Conservation. Students will choose to specialize in either crops or soils.

Students in both programs study crop production, soil science, weed control, crop diseases, and forage crops. Emphasis is placed on a strong business core to enable students to successfully compete in an ever-changing agricultural industry, including report preparation, summarizing research findings, and information gathering, as well as technical skills relating to the use of equipment.


Crop Management and Soil Conservation students complete an industry internship of full-time employment in their field of study. Ohio State ATI helps students find appropriate internship positions in both Ohio and other states. Students are paid for their employment, graded on their job performance, and awarded academic credit.

Career Prospects

Graduates work in areas ranging from biofuels to sustainable agriculture to food production. Career opportunities include:

• Farm manager or operator
• Production specialist
• Sales technician
• Field person for seed companies, fertilizer and chemical companies, and grain elevators