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Benefits and Risks of Academy Enrollment

It is important for families to discuss if College Credit Plus is the right option. Students in the Ohio State Academy program will be taking "real" college classes on campus and in classrooms with older students. Faculty will have the same expectations for academic performance as they do of any Ohio State student. 

Benefits of Enrollment in College Credit Plus

  • Students gain free college credit and reduce the amount of time to complete a degree.
  • Students have the opportunity to enroll in classes not available at their high school.
  • Students earn official Ohio State credit and have a college transcript and grade point average.
  • Students have the opportunity to experience a college classroom, including learning about college course differences and college faculty expectations.

Risks of Enrollment in College Credit Plus

  • College course work is more rigorous than high school, with a much faster pace. Faculty will expect students to read and do additional assignments outside of the classroom.
  • Academy students may have less time to be involved in extra-curricular activities and/or after-school jobs.
  • Calendars will likely not match between the high school and college.
  • Students who enroll under Option B may be asked to repay the local school district for the cost of tuition and books if they fail or withdraw from a course.
  • Transportation is not provided, and students must also factor in time for driving, parking, etc.
  • Federal financial aid may be impacted: federal guidelines limit the number of courses you may attempt (even if they are taken while in high school) to 150% of the number of credits needed for a degree. 

Admission to The Ohio State University after High School

  • Admission to the Academy Program does not imply or guarantee admission to the Columbus campus of The Ohio State University as a degree-seeking student.
  • An Academy participant who later desires admission to Ohio State's Columbus campus as a degree-seeking student must complete a separate application and participate in a competitive admission process. 

  • A student applying for freshman admission to the Columbus campus, after the completion of College Credit Plus coursework at any Ohio State campus, who is not admitted to Columbus must still complete 30 credit hours post-high school graduation at Ohio State ATI or an Ohio State regional campus, before he or she can transition to the Columbus campus. Credit hours earned through College Credit Plus are not included in the required 30 hours.

  • The grade-point average earned at any campus of Ohio State through the College Credit Plus program will follow the student if he or she later enrolls at Ohio State as a degree-seeking student.

  • The grade-point average earned at any college or university through College Credit Plus will be included in the admission decision if a student later transfers to Ohio State after attending another institution.