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Halterman Learning Lab: 
Room 128 Halterman
9-4 Monday through Thursday 
9-12:30 on Friday
​Applewood Learning Lab 
Next to Housing Office
1-6 Monday and Wednesday
12-6 Tuesday
4-6 Thursday  


Appointments for individual tutors and their hours are located on ON-COURSE. If you need any help with finding a tutor or any questions please email me at We look forward to seeing you and helping you succeed.  Remember tutoring is important in your academic success.


Meet our Tutors

hilfinger emma Smeltzer
My name is Cherakee Hilfinger and I am a tutor here at ATI. I am from Stark country, which is only about 30 minutes from here. I am available to help with any math up to college algebra, speech, economy, ruminant feeding, livestock health, and your intro to animal science classes! Feel free to reach out to me about anything, whether it's school-related or you just need a friend! :)

Hi! My name is Emma Leggett. I’m nineteen years old and a 2021 graduate from Claymont High School! I live in a small town in Tuscarawas County, called Uhrichsville. I was highly involved in the swine show industry at my county fair and in The Ohio State Fair which led me down my educational path.

I am aiming for a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science with a Specialization in Swine. Some of the areas I can tutor would be Speech, some mathematics, Swine 1 and Livestock Health! I hope to see you guys soon!

My name is Katelyn Smeltzer and I am from Ashland Ohio, and I have many animals including pigs, cows, horses, and dogs. In my free time I enjoy camping, riding 4-wheelers, and riding horses. I have taken many classes here at ATI including Animal Science 2200.01, English 1110.01, Math 1148 (Algebra) & 1149 (Trigonometry), History 1152, Chem 1210, Ag Comm 3130, Animal Tec (Exploring animal Health)1201.08, Animal Tec (Intro Animal Science Lab) 2200.02, Biology 1113 & 1114, Rural Soc 1500, AED Econ 2001, Animal Tec (Livestock Genetics) 3150T, and Intro to World Lit 2301.


sophia Bechtel Grace Mellot
Hi, I'm Sophia Thompson! I am the Head Tutor for the Learning Lab.  I live in Applewood and am majoring in Biochemical Sciences - Food Science. Oxford, Ohio is my hometown and I have a little family farm there. The subjects I tutor in are Chemistry, Sociology, Economics, and Math. I spend most of my time in the Applewood Learning Lab - next to the Housing Office...I am available to help answer many of your questions.  Chemistry and Math are my primary focus. My name is Adam Bechtel.113 and I Tutor in the Learning Lab. I am a sophomore from Centerville, Ohio which is just outside Dayton. I am able to tutor Precollege Math 2 (Math 1075), ENR 2100, CRPSOIL 2300T/2301T, ENVSCT 1201T and English 1101.  I live in Applewood and am available to help with many of your questions.  Hi! My name is Grace Mellott, and I am a first-year student at ATI studying Agribusiness. I grew up in Butler, Ohio and I am currently living in Applewood Village. I am able to tutor accounting (AEDECON 2105), economics (AEDECON 2001), as well as other business classes and math leading to college algebra (MATH 1075). I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you this semester!

Hello, I'm Andrea Smith.15782 ! My hometown is Fredericktown in Knox County, Ohio. I am a freshman, live in Applewood, and I am majoring in Agriscience Education. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering within the community, spending time with my family, being outdoors, working with cattle, cooking and baking in the kitchen and playing with my three lunatic Labrador Retrievers! My biggest passion, besides working in particular sectors within the agriculture industry, is working with children and other people! I am comfortable working with Math 1075, Animal Science 2200.01, and Animal Tech 2200.02T



  • Don’t wait!!  Request tutoring early….good grades are extremely important
  • You can request a tutor through OnCourse. This PDF will take you step-by-step through the process.
  • Always check your email as that is how your tutor will keep in contact with you’.
  • Tutoring is important and helpful but remember tutoring only supplements what you learn in class….so always attend class!!

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