Re-Envisioning Project

In November 2013, the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences launched a “re-envisioning” process to solidify Ohio State ATI’s pole position in its field — and to better align it with changes in its student population, emerging industry needs and opportunities, and the future budgetary landscape.

The process involved looking at programs in which enrollment has been declining, identifying new programs that should be added to address future needs, and making sure ATI adequately meets the needs of the two types of students it has: those pursuing two-year degrees and the increasing number of students who go on to four-year programs.

Other priorities include strengthening relationships with industry, seeking a better integration with other parts of the college and the university, and addressing budget constraints.

The re-envisioning initiative is led by a core team of 25 faculty and staff from the Columbus and Wooster campuses, plus two student representatives. 

Re-Envisioning Documents

Ohio State ATI Re-Envisioning Report (September 2014)

Ohio State ATI Re-Envisioning Implementation Report (March 2016)

Ohio State ATI Re-Envisioning Progress Report (March 2017)