About Us

Welcome to Ohio State ATI!

We play three distinct roles in higher education in the state of Ohio. 

Regional Campus

In many ways, Ohio State ATI functions as one of The Ohio State University's regional campuses, because as is the case in Lima, Mansfield, Marion and Newark, you can start any of OSU's 127 majors on our campus. Like the regional campuses, Ohio State ATI is an open-admission campus, and students may apply directly to Ohio State ATI.

Technical School

Ohio State ATI is the only part of The Ohio State University that offers Associate of Applied Science degrees. These programs focus on teaching students to apply technical knowledge -- whether it's about operating a milking parlor or running a floral design business.

Community College

Ohio State ATI offers "core" general education courses that are transferable to any bachelor's degree program in Ohio. In addition, if you're looking for personal enrichment or enhancing career skills, you can enroll in just a course or two through our Continuing Education program.

Our Role within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)

Ohio State ATI is the associate-degree-granting academic unit with CFAES. We are part of the college's academic programs and help the college fulfill its educational mission. Our open-admissions status makes us essential to the university's role as a land grant university.

  1. In 2014, one in seven U.S. households and one in six Ohio households was food insecure.