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Understanding & Adapting Your Style to Get Results (with DiSC®)

DiSC® is a model of human behavior that helps us understand why and how people say and do things based on their style tendencies. Once people understand these behavioral styles, they can gain new and valuable S.O.S. insights --- awareness of Self, Others, and Situations they encounter.  With these new S.O.S. insights, they can determine how best to respond and adapt to a specific people and situations in order to work more effectively with individuals and teams. 

Each participant will complete a DiSC® assessment, and will use their personalized reports during the training.

Guided by our expert instructor, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify Your Personal Style
  • Identify Your Style Intensity
  • Relate to Each Style: Dominance, Influence, Steady, Conscientious
  • Identify Behaviors to Better Relate to Each Style
  • Increase Effectiveness with Others

For more information about DiSC training contact: Kim Sayers at, 330-287-0100.

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