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Ohio State ATI is your OSU campus in Wooster! As an adult learner, you can attend on a part-time or full-time basis, whether auditing courses or completing them for a grade. You can enroll in a course to help you with a work-related need or to explore a topic of personal interest. 

You can even build your own program! That’s right, you have the option of customizing a program to meet your specific continuing education needs.

Certificate of Achievement - Awarded for successfully completing a pre-approved series of credit courses, this gives you the flexibility of a program designed around your needs for employment qualifications or career advancement without pursuing a full degree. 

Certificate of Completion - Available for completing a course or a series of courses based on your own needs or interests. 

Questions? Please contact Kim Sayers at, 330-287-0100.

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Apply for Continuing Education

  1. ATI offers multiple enrollment options for continuing education/non-degree seeking students. 

  2. Program 60 is a University-wide program offering adult learners age 60 or older the option of enrolling in Ohio State University credit courses tuition-free! 

  3. FAQs regarding all aspects of ATI academic courses.