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AY81.F3 O6 2015   The Old farmer's almanac
BF503 .G53 2013 Gladwell, Malcolm, 1963- David and Goliath : underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants
BF698.35.I59 C35 2012 Cain, Susan Quiet : the power of introverts in a world that can't stop talking 
BF81 .P49 2014 Pickren, Wade E. The psychology book : from shamanism to cutting-edge neuroscience, 250 milestones in the history of psychology 
BJ1533.K5 S28 2014 Saunders, George, 1958- Congratulations, by the way : some thoughts on kindness 
BL1853 .G37 2014 Gardner, Daniel K., 1950-  Confucianism : a very short introduction 
BL263 .C527 2014 Clark, Kelly James, 1956-  Religion and the sciences of origins : historical and contemporary discussions
BV4446 .R56 2014 Riley, Naomi Schaefer  Got religion? : how churches, mosques, and synagogues can bring young people back
E791 .B79 2013 Bryson, Bill One summer : America, 1927
F292.C94 H37 2014 Harlan, Will Untamed : the wildest woman in America and the fight for Cumberland Island 
F489.3 .F67 2014 Forster, Matt, 1971- Backroads & byways of Ohio : drives, day trips & weekend excursions 
G156.5.E58 B45 2013 Benfield, Richard Garden tourism 
GB1005 .M26 2013 Margat, Jean Groundwater around the world : a geographic synopsis
GE170 .C62 2014 Cohen, Steven, 1953- Understanding environmental policy
GF21 .G86 2014 Gunter, Ellen, 1947- Earth calling : a climate change handbook for the 21st century  
GN25 .G46 2014 Gezon, Lisa L Culture
GT2853.U5 S39 2014 Sax, David The tastemakers : why we're crazy for cupcakes but fed up with fondue : (plus baconomics, superfoods, and other secrets from the world of food trends)
GV200.5 .P236 2014 Paajanen, Terri, 1971- A complete guide to surviving in the wilderness : everything you need to know to stay alive and get rescued 
HB615 .K355 2014 Kander, Diana All in startup : launching a new idea when everything is on the line 
HD1527.F6 S59 2014 Slongwhite, Dale Finley, 1951- Fed up : the high costs of cheap food  
HD30.28 .R477 2014 Rhoads, CJ The entrepreneur's guide to running a business : strategy and leadership 
HD6053 .S547 2014 Shepard, Molly Dickinson Breaking into the boys' club : the complete guide for women to get ahead in business
HD9000.5 .G58284 2014   The global food system : issues and solutions 
HD9000.5 .L376 2014 Laufer, Peter, 1950- Organic : a journalist's quest to discover the truth behind food labeling 
HD9005 .G39 2014 Gayeton, Douglas Local : the new face of food and farming in America
HD9007.W2 R63 2014 Robin, Vicki Blessing the hands that feed us : what eating closer to home can teach us about food, community, and our place on earth 
HD9415 .L46 2014 Leonard, Christopher, 1975-  The meat racket : the secret takeover of America's food business  
HD9433.A82 B44 2014   Beef cattle : production and trade 
HD9502.5.B542 I56 2014   The impacts of biofuels on the economy, environment, and poverty : a global perspective
HD9502.U52 J659 2014 Jones, Kevin B. A smarter, greener grid : forging environmental progress through smart policies and technologies 
HD9681.A2 W55 2014 Williams, Neville, 1943- Sun power : how energy from the sun is changing lives around the world, empowering America, and saving the planet  
HD9715.A2 N438 2014 Netscher, Paul Successful construction project management : the practical guide  
HF5381 .J44 2014 James, Geoffrey, 1953- Business without the bullsh*t : 49 secrets and shortcuts you need to know 
HF5386 .G588 2014 Gordon, Jon, 1971- The carpenter : a story about the greatest success strategies of all  
HQ536 .C348 2014 Carbone, June Marriage markets : how inequality is remaking the American family
HQ745 .L673 2014 Lord, Maggie The rustic wedding handbook
HQ755.8 .J455 2014 Jenner, Emma Keep calm and parent on : a guilt-free approach to raising children by asking more from them and doing less
HQ755.85 C3597 2014 Carpenter, Novella, 1972- Gone feral : tracking my dad through the wild 
HV9950 .B63 2014 Bohm, Robert M. Introduction to criminal justice 
JV6483 .N49 2014 Ngai, Mae M Impossible subjects : illegal aliens and the making of modern America  
LB1775.3 .M66 2014   Moments of clarity : anthology of stories from faculty who teach for success
LB2331 .C647 2014 Cook-Sather, Alison, 1964-  Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching : a guide for faculty 
LB2395.7 .L67 2014 Losh, Elizabeth M.  The war on learning : gaining ground in the digital university
LC4717.5 .O86 2014 O'Toole, Jennifer Cook The asperkid's game plan : extraordinary minds, purposeful play ...  ordinary stuff 
LC6519 .L67 2014 Lorette, Kristie, 1975- The complete guide to running successful workshops & seminars : everything you need to know to plan, promote, and present a conference explained simply  
NK2006 .R44 2014 Reed, Julia One man's folly : the exceptional houses of Furlow Gatewood
NK2117 .B36 2014 Ballinger, Barbara The kitchen bible : designing the perfect culinary space 
NK5439.S34 B48 2014 Beuke, Mary Beth The ultimate guide to sea glass : finding, collecting, identifying, and using the ocean's most beautiful stones
PN45.F585 2014 Foster, Thomas C. How to read literature like a professor : a lively and entertaining guide to reading between the lines
QC903 .K54 2014 Klein, Grady The cartoon introduction to climate change 
QH31.C33 M87 2014 Musil, Robert K., 1943- Rachel Carson and her sisters : extraordinary women who have shaped America's environment 
QH545.A1 W35 2014 Walker, C. H. , 1936-  Ecotoxicology : effects of pollutants on the natural environment 
QK100.A1 M48 2014 Meuninck, Jim, 1942- Poisonous and psychoactive plants  
QK46.5.H85 G66 2014 Goodall, Jane, 1934- Seeds of hope : wisdom and wonder from the world of plants  
QK495.C997 G38 2014 Gaudet, John J. Papyrus : the plant that changed the world, from ancient Egypt to today's water wars  
QK495.R215 G66 2011 Gooch, Ruth Clematis : an essential guide 
QK658 .K48 2014 Kesseler, Rob Pollen : the hidden sexuality of flowers  
QK661 .K47 2014 Kesseler, Rob Seeds : time capsules of life
QK85.5 .S36 2014 Sanders, Jack, 1944- The secrets of wildflowers : a delightful feast of little-known facts, folklore, and history  
QK870 .K57 2014 Kirkham, M. B. Principles of soil and plant water relations
QK99.U6 F68 2014 Foster, Steven, 1957- Peterson field guide to medicinal plants and herbs of eastern and central North America 
QL155 .R53 2014 Ricciuti, Edward R. Bears in the backyard : big animals, sprawling suburbs, and the new urban jungle
QL581 .E93 2014 Evans, Arthur V.  Beetles of eastern North America
QL638.S2 S845 2014 Stokes, M. Dale, 1967- The fish in the forest : salmon and the web of life 
QL668.E2 D57 2013 Dodd, C. Kenneth Frogs of the United States and Canada  
QL696.A558 F64 2014 Fogden, Michael Hummingbirds : a life-size guide to every species
QL737.C2 E38 2014 Eisenberg, Cristina The carnivore way : coexisting with and conserving North America's predators 
QL754 .H45 2014 Heinrich, Bernd, 1940- The homing instinct : meaning & mystery in animal migration 
QL758 .S54 2014 Shivik, John A The predator paradox : ending the war with wolves, bears, cougars, and coyotes 
QP376 .H76 2014 Howard, Pierce J. The owner's manual for the brain : the ultimate guide to peak mental performance at all ages 
RA645.N87 F76 2014   From famine to fast food : nutrition, diet, and concepts of health around the world 
RC533 .S728 2014 Smallwood, David  Who says I'm an addict? : a book for anyone who is partial to food, sex, booze or drugs 
RC552.A5 H67 2014 Hornbacher, Marya, 1974- Wasted : a memoir of anorexia and bulimia
S494.5.U72 U76 2014   Urban farming 
S496 .J64 2014 Johnson, Samantha The complete illustrated guide to farming 
S561 .N38 2014 Nelson, Melissa G., 1969- How to open & operate a financially successful small farm : with companion CD-ROM 
S605.5 .F662 2014 Fossel, Peter V Organic farming : how to raise, certify, and market organic crops and livestock 
S623 .W47 2014 White, Joseph Courtney, 1960- Grass, soil, hope : a journey through carbon country 
S633 .F434 2014   Fertilizers : components, uses in agriculture and environmental impacts 
SB123.57 .G459 2014   Genetically engineered crops in america : analyses,adoption, trends  
SB255 .C4713 2013   Hemp : industrial production and uses
SB317.A2 S73 2012 Starr, Greg, 1957- Agaves : living sculptures for landscapes and containers
SB318 .F86 2014   The fundamentals of horticulture : theory and practice 
SB321 .B284 2014 Bartholomew, Mel All new square foot gardening with kids : learn together : gardening basics, science and math, water conservation, self-sufficiency, healthy eating
SB321 .P46 2014 Pellegrini, Georgia Modern pioneering : more than 150 recipes, projects, and skills for a self-sufficient life 
SB324.75 .B73 2014 Bradley, Fern Marshall Saving vegetable seeds : harvest, clean, store, and plant seeds from your garden
SB353 .R87 2014 Russell, Stephen, 1984- The essential guide to cultivating mushrooms : simple and advanced techniques for growing shiitake, oyster, lion's mane, and maitake mushrooms at home  
SB354.8 .C37 2014 Carr, M. K. V. Advances in irrigation agronomy : fruit crops
SB379.A9 A86 2013   The avocado : botany, production and uses 
SB405 .B758 2014 Brown, Kathleen, 1951-  The edible flower garden : from garden to kitchen : choosing, growing and cooking edible flowers  
SB413.C6 M44 2013 Mikolajski, Andrew Clematis : an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 150 beautiful photographs 
SB413.D3 P483 2008 Petit, Ted L The new encyclopedia of daylilies : more than 1700 outstanding selections
SB413.G35 C66 2013 Cooke, Blaise Pelargoniums : an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 170 beautiful photographs 
SB413.H73 M56 2013 Mikolajski, Andrew Hostas : an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and more than 130 beautiful photographs
SB413.M34 G374 2014 Gardiner, James M., 1946-  Magnolias in art & cultivation 
SB415 .M28 2014 Marshall, Roger, 1944- The greenhouse gardener's manual 
SB433.2 R34 2014 Radam, Brian Lawnmower manual : a practical guide to choosing, using and maintaining a lawnmower  
SB434.7 .R53 2011 Rice, Graham Planting the dry shade garden : the best plants for the toughest spot in your garden  
SB434.7 .Z54 2014 Ziffer, Amy The Shady Lady's guide to Northeast shade gardening
SB435.52.M5 Z37 2014 Zanon, Scott A Landscaping with trees in the Midwest : a guide for residential and commercial properties
SB438 .H493 2013 Hewitt, Terry Cacti : an illustrated guide to varieties, cultivation and care, with step-by-step instructions and over 160 magnificent photographs  
SB439 .D37 2014 Darke, Rick The living landscape : designing for beauty and biodiversity in the home garden 
SB449 .B243 2014 Bailey, Preston Designing with flowers
SB449 .V47 2014 Verkinderen, Lut About flowers  
SB449 .W45 2014 Welford, Mark Simple flower arranging  
SB453 .F636 2014 Fornari, C. L., 1950-  Coffee for roses : ...and 70 other misleading myths about backyard gardening 
SB608.T75 T663 2012   Tomato health management 
SB742 .K86 2013 Kumar, Prakash, 1967- Nutrient deficiencies of field crops : guide to diagnosis and management
SB953 .M37 2014 Matthews, G. A. Pesticide application methods  
SB994.D4 C63 2011 Clausen, Ruth Rogers, 1938- 50 beautiful deer-resistant plants : the prettiest annuals, perennials, bulbs, and shrubs that deer don't eat  
SD390.7.C55 L37 2014 Landsberg, J. J. Forests in our changing world : new principles for conservation and management 
SD397.P85 P66 2014   Poplars and willows : trees for society and the environment
SF251 .B625 2014 Boer, Ruud de From milk by-products to milk ingredients : upgrading the cycle  
SF285.7 .D73 2013 Draper, Judith A practical guide to caring for your horse : a comprehensive handbook for successful horse and pony care : buying a horse, stable management, equipment, grooming and basic first aid  
SF291 .D73 2013 Draper, Judith An illustrated guide to horse breeds of the world : a visual encyclopedia of over 150 of the most popular types of horses, with 300 photographs 
SF309 .S569 2013 Sly, Debby The practical rider's handbook : a complete professional riding course -- from getting started to achieving excellence, shown in more than 500 photographs 
SF309.5 .K645 2014 Kohl, Julia Creative dressage schooling : enjoy the training process with 55 meaningful exercises  
SF309.9 .M84 2013 Muir, Sarah, 1965- The illustrated guide to saddlery & horse equipment : a complete encyclopedia of riding tack, from the saddle, bridle and bit to equestrian rugs and riding boots 
SF383 .S86 2014 Stockwell, Felicity Beautiful goats : portraits of classic breeds preened to perfection  
SF401.A4 F54 2014 Fields, Harry Alpaca keeping : raising alpacas - step by step guide book...farming, care, diet, health and breeding
SF538.5.P65 P47 2014   Pesticide risk assessment for pollinators 
SF737.2 .D398 2013 Day, Michael J., 1960- Veterinary immunology : principles and practice  
SF745 .L376 2014   Large animal medicine for veterinary technicians
SF88 .L58 2014   Livestock handling and transport
SF910.P34 L56 2014 Lin, HuiChu, 1958-  Farm animal anesthesia : cattle, small ruminants, camelids, and pigs
SH159 .M438 2013 McLarney, William O Freshwater aquaculture : a handbook for small scale fish culture in North America
TA151 .H384 2014 Heather, Steve Engineers precision data : pocket reference
TD195.G3 B36 2014 Bamberger, Michelle The real cost of fracking : how America's shale gas boom is threatening our families, pets, and food  
TD195.L52 B64 2014 Bogard, Paul End of night : searching for natural darkness in an age of artificial light 
TH2529 E27 C75 2014 Crimmel, Sukita Reay Earthen floors : a modern approach to an ancient practice 
TH4813 .C37 2013 Carroll, John, 1949- The complete visual guide to building a house 
TH4817.3 .B64 2014   The book of home how-to : complete photo guide to home repair & improvement  
TH4860 .K66 2014 Koones, Sheri, 1949- Prefabulous world : energy-efficient and sustainable homes around the globe
TH4961 .C37 2014 Carlsen, Spike, 1952- The backyard homestead book of building projects  
TK9146 .H45 2014 Henderson, Harry, 1951-  Nuclear power : a reference handbook 
TL15 .P37 2014 Parissien, Steven The life of the automobile : the complete history of the motor car 
TS1974.S3 F37 2014 Farr, Ryan Sausage making : the definitive guide with recipes
TX324 .R37 2014 Rapinchuk, Becky The organically clean home : 150 everyday organic cleaning products you can make yourself-- the natural, chemical-free way 
TX353 .F636 2014   The food history reader : primary sources 
TX369 .B3625 2014 Barber, Dan, 1969- The third plate : field notes on the future of food
TX612.M4 W45 2014 Weiss, Jeffrey, 1977- Charcuteria : the soul of Spain