ENGLISH 1110.01/03 First Year English Composition

Database Resources

Research using Ebsco Databases


Why library databases and not just Google?


1.  Start with Academic Search Complete  

      We can find articles and save them to a folder, create citations, find images, email items, etc


2.  Next let's look at Opposing Viewpoints

You can either use the "Browse Issues" button to search through the different topics or "search" for your topic using the search bar.

Opposing Viewpoints screenshot



    Ebsco databases:  Click on more

    Google:  go to advanced image search and click on "labeled for noncommerical use"


    Access to various music across time and cultures can be found in these databases :   Music

     Rock's Backpages

Government Documents

   Access to goverment documents (state, national, international) can be found in these databases:  Government Documents


Last but not least, plagiarism, academic honesty and citation generators

Code of Student Conduct

Ten Suggestions for Preserving Academic Integrity