BUSTEC 1115T Technical and Business Writing

Business Resources

Mintel Report

This database is useful because you can find out information about a specific industry, consumers, and easily create charts with consumer data.


An extensive industry profile database that explores industries as they relate to one another. Very useful if you want to find our information on status of a specific agricultural industry. Find numbers to plug into your proposals that will support your efforts to tackle your industry problem.

Million Dollar Database

  • Click on "First Research" in the upper right hand corner once you're in the database

This database will give you information about your industry and it has a section on problems in the industry. Stumped on what to focus your proposal on? Look in the sections for "Critical Issues," "Business Challenges," and "Industry Opportunities."

click on first research demonstration

Useful books available through the library

How to Write Reports and Proposals [electronic resource]

Persuasive business proposals : writing to win customers, clients, and contracts [electronic resource]

Writing winning business proposals [electronic resource]

Writing winning proposals [electronic resource] : business skills

How to write reports and proposals [electronic resource]

Ask a librarian about the print books we have available in the ATI Library!

Other Suggested Library Databases for Research

Academic Search Complete: A great place to start because it is a general database with thousands of magazines and journals across all disciplines.

Business Source Complete: Contains trade magazines and scholarly, peer-reviewed business journals back to 1886.

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index: Article topics include horticulture, garden and landscape design, botany, ecology, conservation, and garden management.

You are not limited to just the databases listed above. To find a complete list of research databases sorted by subject check out the OSU Libraries Research Databases List.

Search Tips for an Online Database:

Using AND/OR/NOT to connect search terms (aka Boolean operators/connectors):

  • AND: Finds articles containing both search words; obtains less results than only using one search word.
  • OR: Finds articles that contain either search word; obtains more results than only using one search word; use for synonyms and related terms.
  • NOT: Finds articles that do not contain a specific word

Truncation: Use a symbol (* $ !) to replace letters at the end of a word. Ex: Environmen* searches for environmental, environment, environmentalist, etc.

Quotation Marks: Search for an exact phrase.

Check each database's "Help" section to get additional tips and learn the exact symbol for truncation.

Census Data

USDA Census of Agriculture

Beef up your proposal with selected data for farmers, ranchers, and their operations from across the U.S.A.

National Agricultural Statistics Service

The National Agricultural Statistics Service provides timely, accurate, and useful statistics in service to U.S. agriculture.

Census.gov-Other Business Sectors

A guide to Data Sources for Agriculture, Mining, and Utilities from the U.S. Census Bureau

Video Tutorial

Anatomy of a Proposal