Find Your Fit
Find Your Fit At Ohio State ATI

Welcome New Buckeyes!

Ohio State ATI's new student Orientation program will help you to find your fit on campus and introduce you to the wide range of student services and academic opportunities available at the ATI campus.

Orientation is a one-day program (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

Students entering Spring 2016 semester will be invited to attend Orientation on Friday, December 18, 2015.  Orientation registration is by invitation only. Eligible students will receive orientation invitations via their OSU email account (buckeye mail). You can activate your OSU eMail account at www.my.osu.edu.

Vaccination Requirement. The health and safety of our students is a top priority. Effective Autumn 2015 new students living on the ATI campus are required to comply with the University Vaccination Requirement. More information can be accessed at: http://shs.osu.edu/forms1/vaccination-requirement/

Request Disability Services. Students with disabilities can receive support services that include test-taking assistance. Contact Student Success Services/Disability Services for determination of eligibility prior to attending orientation/SOAR. Request disability services here: http://ati.osu.edu/currentstudents/studentservices/disability-services.



It is very important that you activate your OSU username.  All students receive an OSU Username for accessing university services, including Buckeye Link, Buckeye Mail, Carmen, OSU wireless and University computers.

You manage your OSU username (last name .#) at my.osu.edu  The University requires that your password be changed every 90 days.

Buckeye Mail is the official email service to OSU students. Check your email at Buckeye Mail. The University will use Buckeye Mail for all official communications about grades, course schedules, financial aid, housing, orientation, and scholarships. Check your email at least once a week before the semester begins and more frequently during the semester.

Should you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk at 614-688-4357.


New Student Orientation Programs

Ohio State ATI orientation program is designed to provide new students with a foundation for success. Orientation  is a one-day program (8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.). The program is required for ALL new students. Parents or other family members (limit 2) are welcome to attend with you.

You can register only upon receipt of your Orientation invitation, which is sent  to all new students having paid their acceptance fee and on a weekly basis.  Remember, your OSU Username must be activated to use the online registration form.

ACT/SAT scores, Advanced Placement (AP) Credit, or any college-level coursework you have completed will determine your placement testing requirements.  These must be posted in the OSU system.

ACT/SAT scores printed on high school transcripts, photocopied test results, or unofficial transcripts are not acceptable. ACT/SAT scores must be sent from the Testing Company to The Ohio State University.

Students who want to earn Advanced Placement credit must send their official score reports to The Ohio State University (recipient code #1592). If scores are not received prior to orientation you will be required to take appropriate OSU placement tests. If you take OSU placement tests and later Advanced Placement scores are received and they are high enough to give you course credit, they will take precedence over placement test scores.

Official transcripts from the college an/or university you attended must be received no later than two weeks before your scheduled orientation date; otherwise there may not be sufficient time for transfer credit review and the posting of transfer credit to the University system. Official transcripts from your transfer institution can be mailed to: The Ohio State University, Undergraduate Admissions, P.O. Box 182646, Columbus, OH  43218-2646.

ACT/SAT scores are required for placement into English and Mathematics courses. Students who are under the age of 21 years, who are not transfer students and have been out of high school for less than two years, are required to submit ACT or SAT scores prior to attending orientation. To register for an upcoming national ACT or SAT test, visit either of the following websites: www.act.org or www.sat.org. Students who are 21 years of age or older and/or have been out of high school for 2 or more years are exempt from the ACT/SAT test requirement.


Some placement testing can be completed prior to orientation. For example, most students can complete the Math Skills Assessment on-line in advance of their scheduled orientation program. Students who have been out of high school for less than 2 years and have not submitted ACT/SAT test scores MUST complete the Math Placement Test at their orientation program. Many Ohio State ATI students are auto-placed into their first semester English course based upon their ACT/SAT test scores. Students with placement test requirements that must be completed at orientation will be notified prior to their scheduled orientation program.


The English Placement Test is designed to evaluate student writing and place students in the appropriate classes that will help them succeed in college-level work. English placement tests can only be taken on-campus (at Orientation. This timed essay exam requires students to read and then analyze a passage for key ideas in developing their own position on the subject; it integrates the critical reading and expository writing skills that are essential for college-level work. Essays will be evaluated on matters such as clarity of thought, fluency, careful organization, development of ideas, and the use of clear and precise language. ACT English sub scores are used to place students into English courses or recommend placement testing. Students earning an ACT English sub score of 15 or lower are placed into English 1109, Writing and Reading. Students who have an ACT English Subscale score of 16, 17 or 18 will be placed into English 1110.03 and 1193. Students who have earned an ACT English sub score of 19 or higher, or an SAT verbal sub score of 460 or higher will be placed in First-Year English Composition.


Most undergraduate programs at Ohio State require some work in mathematics. All entering freshmen are required to take the Mathematics Skills Assessment (math placement test). You should complete this testing requirement no later than three days prior to orientation and can do so online (see instructions below). 

You are not required to take the Mathematics Skills Assessment if:

  • You have received transfer credit for a specific Ohio State math course equal to Math 1050 or higher.
  • You received a score of 3, 4 or 5 on the AB or BC Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus exam while in high school. You will need to have an official copy of your AP test scores sent directly to Undergraduate Admissions to receive credit.

You are required to take the Mathematics Skills Assessment if:

  • Your credit for college course work in mathematics is not transferring to Ohio State.
  • You have submitted college transcripts, but have not had them equated prior to your orientation session.

The Mathematics Skills Assessment (Math Placement Test) provides an opportunity to demonstrate your current mathematics skills. There are two versions of the Math Placement Test:  Test B and Test D. If you have an ACT math sub score of 24 or lower or an SAT math sub score of 560 or lower, you will be required to take Math Placement Test B. If you have an ACT math sub score of 25 or higher or an SAT math sub score of 570 or higher, you will be required to take Math Placement Test D.

The Mathematics Skills Assessment (Math Placement Test) can be taken online. Follow the Online Mathematics Skills Assessment Instructions below.  If you elect to take the online Math Skills Assessment, the test can be taken at any time but NO LATER THAN THREE (3) DAYS BEFORE your scheduled Orientation/SOAR program.

Browser Requirements: Netscape versions 4.06 or higher or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

Go to https://buckeyelink3.osu.edu/secure/math

  • Log in to the test using your Ohio State Username and OSU password.
  • Thoroughly read the instructions. Please note (1) You may use scratch paper, pencil and a scientific or graphing calculator. (you should not use a calculator with computer symbolic algebra or QWERTY key boards, such as the TI-89 or TI92; (2) The test has a time limit of 75 minutes. The time remaining will be updated after you answer each question. Please note that time continues to run even if you log off of your computer or if you have computer problems; and (3) The test is multiple choice with only one correct answer per question. Partial credit is not given.
  • Upon completing the test, click Submit.
  • Note your placement code. L, M, N, R, S or T. Students receiving a placement code "U' (undetermined) must complete additional math placement testing at orientation.

Students are encouraged to review sample problems for both math exams at: http://math.osu.edu/underg/new-students/math-placement




New Student Orientation Programs

Ohio State ATI orientation program is designed to provide new students with a foundation for success. Orientation  is a one-day program (9:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.). The program is required for ALL new students. Parents or other family members (limit 2) are welcome to attend with you.

During Orientation  you will:

  • Take placement test(s), if required.
  • Receive information about campus resources.
  • Learn what is expected of you inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Attend a group academic planning and advising session.
  • Schedule classes for your first semester (PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD).
  • Become more familiar with campus.
  • Complete university business, such as getting your Buck ID card and consulting with Student Financial Aid.
  • Connect with other students who are starting at ATI.

Scheduling New Student Orientation

Once you have completed the acceptance process you will be invited to schedule an orientation program.

Be sure to check-out our First Year Experience (ati.osu.edu/FYE) programs!

Questions should be addressed to Ruth Montz: montz.11@osu.edu

Student Success Services    128 Skou Hall     330-287-1340