Program Excel

Study Group


The U.S. Department of Education grants funds for us to serve 210 eligible students and provide them with extra services aimed at college graduation.

Every year, a limited number of promising students are chosen tor participate in Program Excel.


In addition to services available for all ATI students, Program Excel participants get these free services:

  • Personalized advice for monitoring/managing academics and pursuing individual paths to graduation
  • Course-specific professional tutoring and study techniques
  • Guidance navigating university procedures and college financial responsibilities
  • Information about ways to pay for college and assistance completing scholarship and FAFSA applications
  • Exclusive events where you can meet other students, campus service providers, and classroom faculty

Have you been invited to Excel-In? If so, remember to reserve a space today!

Program Excel is funded through a U.S. Department of Education, Title 4 Trio grant.