Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Job Titlesort descending Email Office Number
Denny Talampas Academic Coach, Program Excel talampas.1@osu.edu 330-287-1207
Keegan Hange Academic Coach, Program Excel hange.7@osu.edu 330-287-1301
Wayne LeClear Academic Coach, Program Excel leclear.2@osu.edu 330-287-1340
Rachel David Academic Mentor, Program Excel david.37@osu.edu 330-287-1221
Mary Ann Frantz Academic Mentor/Academic Coach, Program Excel frantz.54@osu.edu 330-287-1288
Leslie Eisberg Academic Mentor/Academic Coach, Program Excel eisberg.1@osu.edu 330-287-1391
Peggy Lambert Academic Records Manager - Academic Affairs lambert.133@osu.edu 330-287-1376
Cindy Shelly Account Clerk shelly.12@osu.edu 330-287-1264
Sharon Wolf Accountant wolf.195@osu.edu 330-287-1323
Patricia Stone Adjunct Faculty stone.367@osu.edu 330-287-1354
Helen Thompson Administrative Assistant thompson.959@osu.edu 330-287-1248
Heather Hettick Administrative Associate, Student Success Services hettick.1@osu.edu 330-287-1340
Jennifer Fry Admissions Counselor fry.249@osu.edu 330-287-1230
Ella Lorentz Admissions Counselor lorentz.23@osu.edu 330-287-1305
Jill Byers Admissions Counselor byers.28@osu.edu 330-287-1228
Julia Morris Admissions Counselor morris.878@osu.edu 330-287-1237
Stuart Courtney Assistant Beef/Sheep and Swine Manager courtney.13@osu.edu 330-698-5021
Marjorie Ashcraft Assistant Chef, Café Carmen ashcraft.82@osu.edu 330-287-0121
Tricia James Assistant Director of Development james.927@osu.edu 330-287-1321
Jeanne Osborne Assistant Director, Academic Affairs osborne.2@osu.edu 330-287-1211
Cheryl Murphy Assistant Horse Herd Manager murphy.903@osu.edu 330-698-7669
Subbu Kumarappan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor kumarappan.1@osu.edu 330-287-1261
Royce Thornton Assistant Professor - Agricultural and Engineering Technologies Divsion; Technology Coordinator, Dairy Cattle Production & Management thornton.5@osu.edu 330-287-1373
Jonathan Witter Assistant Professor - Agronomy & Soils witter.7@osu.edu 330-287-1377
Robert Rupp Assistant Professor - Arts, Science & Business Division (Biology) rupp.3@osu.edu 330-287-1269
Ryan Haden, Ph.D. Assistant Professor - Soils & Agronomy haden.9@osu.edu 330-287-1311
F. Paul Lee Assistant Professor, Engineering Technologies; Technology Coordinator - Sports/Commercial Turf Equipment lee.3304@osu.edu 330-287-1369
Nathan Crook, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English and Agricultural Communication crook.55@osu.edu 330-287-1245
Jessica Suagee Bedore, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Equine bedore.4@osu.edu 330-287-1318
Uttara Samarakoon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Greenhouse and Nursery Management samarakoonbasnagala.1@osu.edu 330-287-1241
Dan Linden, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Livestock linden.9@osu.edu 330-287-1375
Adem Cakmak, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Mathematics cakmak.3@osu.edu 330-287-1244
Victor Ujor Assistant Professor, Renewable Energy ujor.1@osu.edu 330-287-1268
Zane Raudenbush, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Turfgrass Management raudenbush.2@osu.edu 330-287-1246
Michelle Villers Assistant to the Director villers.11@osu.edu 330-287-1231
John Arnold Associate Professor arnold.596@osu.edu 330-287-1367
Kimberly Hostetler Associate Professor (Ag. Business) & Business Technologies Coordinator hostetler.78@osu.edu 330-287-1256
Karen Wimbush, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Agricultural Technologies Division; Technology Coordinator, Horse Production & Management wimbush.4@osu.edu 330-287-1290
Daniel Voltz, Ph.D. Associate Professor - Horticultural Technologies Division (Landscape) voltz.5@osu.edu 330-287-1293
D. R. Elder, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Coordinator, Humanities and Social Sciences elder.48@osu.edu 330-287-1322
Carri Gerber, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Program Coordinator - Biochemical Sciences (pre-Vet, Biology, and Food Science) and Environment and Natural Resources gerber.140@osu.edu 330-287-1374
Elizabeth Parker Associate Professor, Animal Sciences parker.1224@osu.edu 330-287-1372
Thomas Janini, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chair - Arts, Science and Business Division janini.4@osu.edu 330-287-1287
Jonathan Flad, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Chemistry flad.1@osu.edu 330-287-1257
Brian Jaffee Associated Faculty jaffee.11@osu.edu 330-287-1275
Robert Cohen Associated Faculty cohen.4@osu.edu 330-287-1252
Shelley Peterson Associated Faculty peterson.652@osu.edu 330-287-1353
Reed Johnson Associated Faculty johnson.5005@osu.edu 330-202-3523
Mauricio Espinoza Associated Faculty espinoza.15@osu.edu 330-287-1252
Carol Roger Associated Faculty roger.1@osu.edu 330-287-1252
Fred Michel Associated Faculty michel.36@osu.edu 330-287-1267
Karen Siffert Associated Faculty siffert.2@osu.edu 330-287-1338
Manoj Shrestha Associated Faculty shrestha.46@osu.edu 330-287-1263
Thomas Lukach Associated Faculty lukach.4@osu.edu
Kelly Low Associated Faculty low.111@osu.edu 330-287-1255
James Orr Associated Faculty orr.149@osu.edu 330-287-1217
John Pippen Associated Faculty pippen.4@osu.edu 330-287-1263
Carmen Elegban Associated Faculty elegban.2@osu.edu 330-287-1265
Kyle Benzle Associated Faculty benzle.2@osu.edu 330-287-1320
Eric Williams Associated Faculty williams.1887@osu.edu 330-345-2094
Mike Gessel Associated Faculty gessel.12@osu.edu 330-2871289
Aaron Arnold Associated Faculty arnold.183@osu.edu 330-287-1218
Michael Benedick Associated Faculty benedick.7@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Diana Clark Associated Faculty clark.2717@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Jennifer Derksen Associated Faculty derksen.7@osu.edu
Steve Prochaska Associated Faculty prochaska.1@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Dominic Petrella Associated Faculty petrella.21@osu.edu 330-287-1259
Frank Ecker Associated Faculty ecker.11@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Malcolm (Mike) Finney Associated Faculty finney.39@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Don Hange Associated Faculty hange.23@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Shari Bohrer Associated Faculty bohrer.8@osu.edu 330-287-1353
Rachel Ramsier Associated Faculty Ramsier.7@osu.edu 330-287-1295
Don McConnell Associated Faculty mcconnell.48@osu.edu 330-287-1279
Jennifer Swank Associated Faculty swank.57@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Shaun Wellert Associated Faculty wellert.1@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Tom Weygandt Associated Faculty weygandt.7@osu.edu 330-287-1289
John David Warrick Associated Faculty warrick.12@osu.edu 330-287-1248
Mark Yoder Associated Faculty yoder.124@osu.edu 330-287-1266
Janice Baxstrom Associated Faculty baxstrom.2@osu.edu 330-287-1353
Christopher Barran Associated Faculty barran.2@osu.edu 330-287-1266
James Bird Associated Faculty bird.111@osu.edu 330-287-1266
Carlos Esquivel Palma Associated Faculty esquivelpalma.1@osu.edu 330-287-1282
William Hollandsworth Associated Faculty hollandsworth.10@osu.edu 330-287-1275
Rachel Harding Associated Faculty harding.64@osu.edu 330-287-1282
Alan Esbenshade Associated Faculty esbenshade.9@osu.edu 330-287-1310
Katie Miller Associated Faculty miller.3637@osu.edu 330-287-1309
Jennifer Harrison Associated Faculty harrison.497@osu.edu 330-287-1282
Thomas Henshaw Associated Faculty henshaw.11@osu.edu 330-287-1270
Tim Butcher Associated Faculty butcher.13@osu.edu 330-287-1310
Leslie Pearce-Keating Associated Faculty pearce-keating.1@osu.edu 330-287-1353
Jeanne Haught ATI Procurement Coordinator haught.26@osu.edu 330-263-3756
Casey Meek Beef/Sheep Herd Manager meek.33@osu.edu 330-698-5021
Nathan Firestone Bioenergy Lab Demonstrater firestone.41@osu.edu 330-287-1382
Teresa Lanker Chair - Horticultural Technologies Division; Coordinator, Floral Design & Marketing Technology lanker.2@osu.edu 330-287-1242
Molly Zacour Columbus Transition Advisor zacour.3@osu.edu 330-287-1200
Barbara LaMoreaux Coordinator, Student Financial Aid lamoreaux.1@osu.edu 330-287-1214
Ruth Montz Coordinator- Student Services montz.11@osu.edu 330-287-1247
Kathy Maksymicz Coordinator-Student Programs maksymicz.1@osu.edu 330-287-1283
Melanie Garcia Corporate Training Account Executive garcia.301@osu.edu 330-202-3524
Gary Crocker Dairy Herd Manager crocker.17@osu.edu 330-698-1315
Denise Miller Development Office Administrative Assistant miller.2714@osu.edu 330-287-1234
Gail Miller Director - Upward Bound miller.2@osu.edu 330-465-2306
Mark Schleppi Director of Farm Operations schleppi.9@osu.edu 330-698-5021
Kimberly Sayers Director, Business Training & Educational Services sayers.1@osu.edu 330-287-0100
Scott Ruck Farm Operations Manager - Crops ruck.21@osu.edu 330-698-5021
Gina Pennell Fiscal Officer pennell.52@osu.edu 330-287-1296
Chris McCormack Golf Pro mccormack.1086@osu.edu 330-435-4611
Michael Pattison Groundskeeper 2 pattison.1@osu.edu 330-287-1260
Kathy Yoder Head Librarian yoder.332@osu.edu 330-287-1224
Mick Steiner Housing Coordinator steiner.255@osu.edu 330-287-7504
Robin Frazier Human Resources frazier.398@osu.edu 330-287-1213
Gloria Wirt Information Assistant wirt.1@osu.edu 330-287-1330
Jill Gallion Information Associate - Academic Affairs gallion.9@osu.edu 330-287-1303
Valerie Childress Instructional Aids Associate childress.39@osu.edu 330-287-1343
Amy Kohmetscher Instructional Development Specialist kohmetscher.1@osu.edu 402-580-0765
Jim Kinder, Ph.D. Interim Director kinder.15@osu.edu 330-287-1212
Jason Riley Interim Greenhouse Manager riley.577@osu.edu 330-287-1272
Heather Bauder Lab Demonstrator bauder.20@osu.edu 330-287-1297
David Dalhart Laboratory Demonstrator dalhart.1@osu.edu 330-287-1280
Ryan Brooks Laboratory Supervisor brooks.556@osu.edu 330-287-1276
Penny Nemitz Learning Lab Coordinator nemitz.7@osu.edu 330-287-1340
Ben King Lecturer, Coordinator - Construction king.478@osu.edu 330-287-1219
Kristen Purdy Library Associate I purdy.23@osu.edu 330-287-1225
Kevin Martin Maintenance Repair Worker martin.2115@osu.edu 330-287-1362
Jeffery Strouse Maintenance Superintendent strouse.17@osu.edu 330-287-1362
Patricia Stull Maintenance Technician stull.2@osu.edu 330-287-1364
David Dietrich Manager of Enrollment dietrich.114@osu.edu 330-287-1203
Deb Curie Manager, Café Carmen curie.6@osu.edu 330-287-0121
Frances Whited Marketing and Communications Coordinator whited.16@osu.edu 330-287-1216
Kathie Reid Office Associate - Agricultural & Engineering Technologies Division reid.142@osu.edu 330-287-1289
Jan Elliott Office Associate - Business Training and Educational Services elliott.3@osu.edu 330-287-7511
Sandra Huffman Office Associate, Upward Bound huffman.535@osu.edu 330-287-1285
Jeff Gallimore Plant Materials Specialist gallimore.9@osu.edu 330-287-1274
Matthew Shilling Police Officer shilling.15@osu.edu 330-287-0111
John Clos Police Officer clos.1@osu.edu 330-287-0111
Chad Stanton Police Seargent stanton.70@osu.edu 330-287-0111
Jacqueline Belanger Professional Counselor belanger.24@osu.edu 330-287-1306
A. Ray Miller Professor miller.5@osu.edu 330-263-3669
Laura Deeter, Ph.D. Professor and Coordinator, Landscape Horticulture and Horticultural Science deeter.7@osu.edu 330-287-1238
Michael Amstutz, Ph.D. Professor and Coordinator, Livestock Sciences amstutz.1@osu.edu 330-287-1380
Gary Anderson, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus anderson.35@osu.edu 330-287-1265
Deana Namuth-Covert Professor, Director of Online Education and Outreach namuth-covert.1@osu.edu 402-483-1338
Dee Dee Snyder Program Manager, Program Excel snyder.426@osu.edu 330-287-1223
Bruce Woodruff Public Safety Offcr-Regnl Camp woodruff.68@osu.edu 330-287-1282
Michael Priest Public Safety Offcr-Regnl Camp priest.2@osu.edu 330-287-0111
Abagail Burkey Reference Librarian burkey.48@osu.edu 330-287-1326
Allison Mayer Staff Assistant mayer.697@osu.edu 330-287-1327
Rick Mitchell Systems Manager mitchell.246@osu.edu 330-287-1277
Marcia Lewandowski Test Proctor lewandowski.75@osu.edu 330-287-1340