Subbu Kumarappan, Ph.D.

Subbu Kumarappan, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

1328 Dover Road
Halterman 089A
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Office: 330-287-1261
Fax: 330-287-1333


Ph.D., Michigan State University



Subbu Kumarappan, Satish Joshi, "GHG Trading Framework for the U.S. Biofuels Sector" In Bio Fuels – Emerging Legal Horizons (ISBN: 978-93-80120-32-4). Edited by L Lakshi. Hyderabad: AMICUS Books, ICFAI University Press, India. 2009.


Subbu Kumarappan, Satish Joshi, "GHG Trading Framework for the U.S. Biofuels Sector" Transition to a Bioeconomy: Environmental and Rural Development Impacts 2009.

Journal Articles

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Technical Reports

Kumarapan, S, "Checklist for Business Success: Organic Vegetable Production" 2015.