D. R. Elder, Ph.D.

D. R. Elder, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Coordinator, Humanities and Social Sciences

1328 Dover Road
Halterman Hall
Wooster, Ohio 44691
Office: (330) 287-1322
Fax: (330) 287-1333


Ph.D., The Ohio State University



Elder, D. R., "Herd Health Interventions and Farmer Participation near Ho, Ghana" African Studies Association 2013.

Journal Articles

Elder, D. R., L. Houston, D. Munn, H. Dean., "Why Girls’ Education Matters More: Collaborative Research Continues in Ho, Ghana." Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges 12 2 (2012) 12-14
Elder, D. R., L. Houston, M. Skryzpek., "Why Girls' Education Matters More: A Student Survey in Ho, Ghana" NACTA Journal 54 2 (2011) 48-52


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