MMR Vaccine Recommended for Incoming Students

Whilte there have been no outbreaks of mumps or measels on the Ohio State ATI campus, campus officials are supporting OSU's recommendation regarding tthe MMR vaccine.

While not required for employment or enrollment at this time, it is strongly recommended that all individuals associated with the University follow these guidelines.

  • Individuals who have documentation of receiving two doses of the MMR vaccine or a positive mumps titer (blood test used to confirm immunity) do not need to receive any additional vaccine. If an individual has received two doses of MMR, a third dose is not recommended at this time.
  • The following groups are at higher risk, and receiving two does of the MMR vaccine is strongly recommended:
  • Anyone who works in a healthcare facility
  • Post-secondary (college) students, and
  • Anyone who plans to travel internationally
  • Other individuals who do not fall into the groups above, but who work on campus, or come to campus frequently are recommended to have one dose of the MMR vaccine.
  • The MMR vaccine is a live vaccine, and certain individuals should not receive it. The MMR Vaccine Information Statement from the CDC details those conditions where MMR should not be given.
  • Individuals will be screened by a healthcare professional to ensure eligibility prior to receiving the vaccine.